Patrick Wilshire Curates infra:REAL - The Art of Imaginative Realism at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

July 25, 2015

One of the most voluminous shows in the field of imaginative realism will be on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York during the month of August. If you’ve ever wondered how visions of metaphysical, subconscious and surreal can come to life through detailed objective and realistic representation, thirty-seven international artists, brought together for infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism exhibition, are bound to demonstrate through their extensive line of artworks. The exhibition will be guest-curated by Patrick Wilshire, historian, collector and imaginative realism specialist.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Michael C. Hayes - Haven

Imaginative Realism in Contemporary Art

The art of realism depends on the artist’s observational abilities and his technical skills in visual repetition of objects as they are seen in their nature-like forms. This representation of ‘natura naturata’ in Spinozian terms, is seriously challenged once it comes to the artistic styles that keep their connection to the aesthetic of realism but represent objects or landscapes that can’t actually be found in the real surroundings. The art of imaginative realism at infra:REAL exhibition is dealing with this kind of artistic engagement, exploring the way in which visionary and imagined objects can be transposed into realistic imagery. The works of the participating artists vary in their individual style but some shared motifs or inspirations can be singled out, such as their inclination to mythical and archetypical imagery and exploration of subconscious symbolism in individual and collective terms. These artists depict our shared memory of the past as well as the visions of the future with the common thread being the use of traditional and classical techniques in representation of narratives, whether they are imaginary or real.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Left: Brad Kunkle - Unseen / Right: Dorian Vellejo - Passages

The Artists of Imaginative Realism

Some of the most illustrious contemporary artists, creating their works in the field of imaginative realism, are invited to participate in the staging of this monumental exhibition. The line-up for infra:REAL exhibition is vast, and we are bringing the list of names in whole. The roster will feature the following artists: Allen Williams, Anthony Palumbo, Billy Norrby, Bob Eggleton, Boris Vallejo, Brad Kunkle, Brom, David Palumbo, Donato Giancola, Dorian Vallejo, Eric Velhagen, Greg Hildebrandt, Ian Miller, Jeffrey Watts, Jeremy Mann, Jim Burns, Jim Pavelec, John Harris, John Jude Palencar, Julie Bell, Justin Sweet, Kirk Reinert, Laurie Lee Brom, Marc Fishman, Matthew Stewart, Michael C. Hayes, Michael Whelan, Patrick Jones, R. Leveille-Guay, Rick Berry, Robh Ruppel, Scott Burdick, Stephan Hickman, Thomas Kuebler, Vincent Villafranca, Virginie Ropars and Wayne Haag.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Anthony Palumbo - The Children

The Work of Patrick Wilshire

The exhibition is curated by Patrick Wilshire whose long time passion for imaginative realism resulted in numerous theoretical and artistic projects dedicated to the promotion of this particular style of art. He is the author of several theoretical books on this subject and, with the help of his wife, he manages the Association of Fantastic Art, host of the annual symposiums dedicated to the latest achievements in imaginative art. As an art collector, Patrick Wilshire initiated the IX Exchange network dedicated to all art collectors interested in this particular artistic genre.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Left: Brom - Lord Kashaol / Right: Donato Giancola - Prometheus

Infra:REAL at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

The collective exhibition infra:REAL curated by Patrick Wilshire, will open on August 5th, 2015, with two opening receptions on the same day. One will be held in the exhibition space of Jonathan LeVine Gallery on 557C West 23rd Street from 6 pm to 8 pm, and the other from 7 pm to 9 pm on 529 West 20th Street, New York. infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism will be the perfect opportunity to all visitors to question the boundaries of their imaginations while looking at some of the most astonishing artworks in this field to date. The exhibition will stay on view until August 22nd, 2015.

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Featured images:

John Jude - Palencar Pagan
Anthony Palumbo - The Children – detail
Dorian Vallejo - Passages - detail

All images courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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