January 1, 2015

There is a big subculture in the arena of art creation that celebrates one of the smallest inhabitants of the mother Earth. Many of us find them to be repulsing while others are even terrified by them. However we perceive them on individual level, insects play a significant role in many eastern cultures and they are major link in the stability of the entire ecosystem of the Earth. Ericailcane’s paintings or the appealing collection of photography made by Ines Kozic are just some examples of where the insect motifs are used to portray a certain story. One of the artists that also honor their importance is Penelope Kupfer with her body of work entitled plainly Insects. Scheduled for the 8th of January 2015, this exhibition is bringing us Kupfer interpretation of the value of the insects in today’s world, in particular their role in the food chain. The venue that will display the exhibition is the Vaults Gallery in London.

Vaults Gallery
Ant                                                                                                                                           Cricket

About Penelope

Kupfer's work evolves around the idea of finding a common denominator in all of humans, but paradoxically, one that makes us different from one another. She often uses unusual characters and scenarios to tell the story about exposed human emotions and fears. The author graduated in Fashion in Stuttgart in 1998 and after the graduation she moved to live and work in Berlin. Time in this German city inspired her to make Steak Zombies tales and characters and this project was designed to be a platform where the art, fashion and illustration collide. Almost 10 years ago Penelope moved to London where she currently resides. One of her recent endeavors is exploration of nature which eventually led to the investigation of insects and their role in the nature's mechanism. Kupfer's creative process is a diligent one as she takes her time to understand the matter and cover all the aspects before taking a new step in the development of the artwork. Her style of conduct can be compared to a child dissembling clock into pieces with desire to understand time.

The Vaults Gallery
Penelope Kupfer

Questioning the Diet

In the Insects Penelope questions some of the stereotypes that exist in the Western cultures that surrounds these creatures. Her work is primly concerned with the anxieties connected with the food choices people make and general dieting culture that prevails in the modern civilization. The artist questions the logic behind the eating culture which promotes the consumption of the meat when the Insects are far richer and efficient in protein and ecologically superior to live stocks. Also, one of the pillars of her work takes on the Insects subject from more philosophical standpoint and it investigates another side of the eating habits. Penelope's artwork is concerned with the impossibility of knowing with certainty how much the food ingested is affecting one’s body harmony and balance. Therefore, every time we consume certain food we commit a small act of suicide.
The Insects exhibition is scheduled for opening on January 8th and it will run until January 24th 2015.

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Vaults Gallery
Moth                                                                                                                                      Mealworm

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