Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project Celebrates the Departed Through Mural Art

November 2, 2015

During the past four years, artist Rachael Pongetti has photographed one of the most popular places for street art in Pensacola in Florida, the 17th Avenue graffiti bridge. Apart from prom proposals and declarations of opinion, she noticed numerous murals created to celebrate the dead. "A lot of people use art in order to express their love for their departed people in their lives," Rachel Pongetti stated for the Pensacola News Journal. This sudden realization and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration inspired her to initiate Gonzales Street Project. During a three hours event, the participants of the project will have the opportunity to paste the photographs of their loved ones onto a wall and create a giant remembrance mural. The project was organized by Rachel Pongetti, the Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project and the newly formed organization named Art Beyond Walls.

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Left : Rachael Pongetti's Personal Images / Right : The Photos are being Pasted onto the Wall

A Day of the Dead Inspired Remembrance Wall

Everyone are invited to participate in the creation of the massive remembrance mural. All they need is a laser printed photo of a person they've connected with, regardless whether it's a friend, a family member a famous person or even a pet. Local street artists will help the participants in transferring their photographs on the wall of First City Art Center that's facing Gonzalez street, but also teach them the basics of wheat pasting techniques. Joint, small scale murals will constitute a giant collage that should be finished, at the event entitled Gonzalez st Project. The participants should bring the laser printed images only, because the "ink-jet prints often bleed over time" - said Rachel Pongetti for Pensacola News Journal.

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First Murals on a Remembrance Wall

Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project

Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project is aimed at enhancing the community through public art. The group is focused on developing outdoor art including street art, sculptures, happenings and similar events. Their latest offspring Art Beyond Walls group is on a mission to actively support the creation of site-specific murals and public artworks that will engage, educate and inspire and this will be their first project. The idea is to produce a mural that's dedicated to honoring those who have passed away, but also represents a celebration of life. As previously mentioned, the project was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead and just like the holiday itself, the group hopes it will turn into an annual event.

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The Mural will Include Images of Family Members, Celebrities and Pets, photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Acoustic Music and Poetry Reading Will Close the Event

If there's a loved one you want to commemorate in this unusual and unique way, you can bring their image at First City Art Center on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 from 4 pm till 7 pm. The participants are also encouraged to bring various items that remind them of their loved ones including personal items, flowers, candles and so on. A chain link fence will be set up near the wall, offering the public another outlet of expression, and the ability to tie any items of remembrance to the metal links. A poetry reading by Jamey Jones, West Florida's Poet Laureate, accompanied by acoustic music and candlelight will close the event. Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project community mural, with memorial images of the dead, will remain on the wall of First City Art Center for about three months.

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Featured image : Gonzales Street Project Flyer

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