Peter Waite Art Takes Over the EBK Gallery

October 11, 2016

Peter Waite art pieces have and unusual eerie glamour that's at the same time incredibly appealing and utterly repulsive. He paints large-scale images of places where people go unwillingly, like operating rooms, offices or prison cells. By realistically painting these sites without the presence of humans or emotions of any kind, Peter Waite also portrays the emptiness of today's postindustrial life. EBK gallery in Hartford in Connecticut is hosting Peter Waite's celebrated mid-1990s series that portrays spaces that require a permission to enter. Solo show entitled it’s like déjà vu all over again consists of 19 paintings originally presented at Edward Thorp Gallery space in New York in 1996.

Waite's aluminum panels artworks were exhibited at Winston Wachter Fine Arts Museum, Seattle and New York museums
Peter Waite - Casino Bahamas, 1996

Institutions as Accumulations of Collective Memory

Peter Waite spent 25 years documenting his visits to places that embody public sentiment and ideology. His large-scale acrylic paintings are composed of photographs, recollections, and sketches made on various locations he visited. The artist is interested in both personal and collective memories which is why he depicts spaces as diverse as museums, palaces, stadiums, bridges, prisons, ancient temples, and casinos. With his realistic acrylic imagery, the artist shows the beauty of ordinary spaces, but also travels to unusual locations to turn the unknown into familiar. Various institutions are the main subjects in his work, but the painter portrays them, not only as symbols of power, but also as accumulations of collective recollections.

Featured at Wilson Center, Harley School, New York and Winston Wachter Fine Arts Museum, Seattle
Peter Waite - Board Room - The Hartford, 1996

Peter Waite's Celebrated 1990s Series

Peter Waite's it's like déjà vu all over again exhibition consists of paintings created in 1995 and 1996 on locations that need special permission to enter. These places span from courtrooms and prisons to casinos, operating theaters and boardrooms of big corporations. All artworks were painted on aluminum panels that are gray, hard and cold just like the places depicted on them. The paintings represented the growing industries of the 1990s that continue to develop even today which evokes the familiar feeling of déjà vu.

Paintings originally presented at Winston Wachter Fine Arts Museum, Seattle and New York Harley School
Left : Peter Waite - Eastern State Penitentiary- Philadelphia / Right : Peter Waite's Fine art print

Selected Paintings by Peter Waite at EBK gallery

Captivating body of work by Peter Waite is on view until November 15th, 2016., with the opening reception scheduled for October 14, 2016. During the show, visitors of EBK gallery art space in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, have the opportunity to purchase a signed fine art print. The print contains two paired images of Peter Waite's Electric Chair and Jury Box paintings. The paintings of which the first is presented at the show, posses an ironic connection as both single electric chair and courtroom jury seats appear as if they were created by the same manufacturer.

Featured images : Peter Waite - Union Carbide Board Room ; Peter Waite - Office, 1995 ; All images courtesy of EBK gallery, Hartford, Connecticut

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