An Outdoor Photography Exhibition Celebrates the Night in Johannesburg

August 18, 2017

An iconic roadhouse on Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg, Doll House, has been everyone's default post-party meeting spot after a trip to the jazz joints in Rockey Street or clubs out in Hillbrow. Going for so many years, it has become a significant part of the city’s cultural heritage. Yet, the iconic venue is now about to close. Since the Doll House has been such a part of the Johannesburg night time subculture, the fact of its closing is now on everyone’s lips. For this reason, the ROADHOUSE initiative has decided to honor the iconic joint with a photography exhibition. The event is part of their ongoing project Night, a series of outdoor photography exhibitions that happen at South African road houses with the intention of bringing the best of new, local and international photography to a wide non-gallery-going audience.

Sibusiso Bheka, Mack Magagane
Left: Sibusiso Bheka / Right: Mack Magagane


Aside from bringing the best local and international photography to a wide audience, NIGHT by ROADHOUSE aims to celebrate art with good music played by great DJs – all accompanied by good old-fashioned roadhouse food and drink. Started by photographer Marc Shoul and art writer Matthew Krouse, the initiative follows the international trend of bringing the works of great and emergent photographers to public spaces. All the photographs exhibited in these shows are photographed at night. Completely non-profit, the attendance to these exhibitions is free for everyone. These exciting art events are organized in roadhouse venues that are a unique aspect of a fading social culture.

Black Hole, 2013, Untitled #02
Left: Roger Ballen - Black Hole, 2013 / Right: Ryno de Wet - Untitled #02

Celebrating Doll House

The people of Johannesburg will have an opportunity to celebrate the closing of the iconic roadhouse Doll House with an outdoor photography exhibition and party, under the stars. This latest event will present a selection of photographs and videos from South Africa, Switzerland, Italy and the UK, accompanied by local DJs. The title of the series perfectly matches the atmosphere of this iconic place. This carefully curated selection of images celebrates the after-hours and night as a time of fun, dread, dreams, prayers and nightmares. The list of featuring artists includes Weegee, Billy Monk, Jürgen Schadeberg, Sabelo Mlangeni, Mack Magagane, Paul Shiakallis, Ryno De Wet, Massimo Vitali, Nadav Kander, Guy Neveling, Christian Lutz, Augustin Rebetez, Matthieu Gafsou, Moss Moeng, Greame Williams, Roger Ballen, Sibusiso Bheka, Jodi Bieber, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Dean Hutton, DJ Young Smuts, among others.

Billy Monk, Hotel Hillbrow
Left: Billy Monk / Right: Paul Shaikallis - Hotel Hillbrow

The Night at Doll House

The Doll House closing bash will hopefully be remembered for years to come. Combining great photography, great music, project videos, old-school food and perfect lighting, the event promises to be a night of fun. The latest NIGHT by ROADHOUSE will take place on August 26th, 2017, from 6 p.m. till late.

Featured images: Guy Neveling - Day for Night- Red Hill; Sabelo Mlangeni - Invisible Woman, Low Prices Daily, 2006; Sabelo Mlangeni - Invisible Woman, 2006; Paul Shaikallis - Hotel Hillbrow; Nadav Kandar - The Perade, Interruption, 2002; Morwahla Moss Moeng - Masigu Adidimetseng (Silent Nights) 2015; Morwahla Moss Moeng - Masigu Adidimetseng (Silent Nights), 2014; Matthieu Gafsou - Ether; Matthieu Gafsou - Ether; Massimo Vitali - Insomnia; Jungle Bar; Mack Magagane - Southern Suburbia; Mack Magagane - Southern Suburbia; Guy Neveling - Day for Night, Red Hill; Greame Williams; Augustine Rebetez - Stills, Maison. All images courtesy of ROADHOUSE.

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