Polish Urban Art in Paris

December 11, 2014

Polish urban culture has grown significantly over the past several years. As an outcome of such a cultural development, we have Etam Cru, Robert Proch, Chazme and Sepe who represent some of the biggest names in the world of the graffiti and street art.  Each and every one of them left a permanent mark on the lives of many art lovers.  Following the footsteps of this practice, an ongoing project called the Polish Urban Art is promoting the best of what Poland has to offer in terms of creative individuals. The Project began its journey in October and it visited cities like Kiev, Lviv, Minsk, Stockholm, and recently Berlin, where they exhibited at the Urban Spree gallery. The last one took place in Paris at the Espace Leon venue and it was an event to remember.

Espace Leon
Etam Cru

Artists that exhibited

It is an extensive list of authors that were included in this exhibition and all of them had quality artwork to present. Many of them are masons and protagonists of the Polish Urban culture as we know it today. The list features the likes of Mariusz M-City Waras, Slawek Zbiok Czajowski, Chazme, Sepe, Lump, Nawer, Etam Cru, Robert Tone Proch, Kamil Kuzko, Bartek Pener Swiatecki and many more.

Espace Leon
M City

Highlights 2014

There are so many examples of the ingenuity that these creatives posses. Etam Cru visited Rome two moths ago as they presented their dreamy body of work titled The Bedtime Stories. Another one is the recently closed exhibition at Newcastle’s The Outsiders gallery, which hosted likes of Robert Proch, Sepe, Otecki, Chazme, Pener, Nawer and M-City and their collection of artwork titled Jednakowo / Różni. Not to mention the ongoing Proch’s exhibition at Lazardies Rathbone which is displaying 17 of his latest monumental pieces. These are just some of the examples of what these artists are capable of.

Exhibition Jednakowo / Różni (image courtesy: theoutsiders.net)
Jednakowo / Różni - Same / Different

Best from Polish Urban Culture

The Polish Urban Art project was designed as a presentation that shows the evolution of the Polish urban culture from its very beginnings in the 1950’s. As the art invaded public spaces of major cities in Poland, its meaning and social impact changed, depending on the political context at the time. Therefore, this exhibition is divided into two sections. The first one is focused solely on the historical and evolutionary part of the Urban Art Movement in Poland. Within this part, a special subsection is devoted to the art that occupied the streets after 1980, a time when the street art was used as a supporting force for democratic transformation of the country. The second part is focused on the present day as it displays selection of the latest artworks, including canvases, silkscreens and photos. Next destination is also the finishing line for this travelling exhibition. The Polish Urban Art project ,organized by Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej, is heading back home to Lublin, Poland, where they will conclude this exhausting journey. This exhibition opened in Espace Leon on December 5th and it run until 6th of December.

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Espace Leon

Espace Leon

Disclaimer: These images may or may not be part of the exhibition and they are courtesy of The Outsiders.net .

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