10 Pop Art Artworks to Collect

November 12, 2016

The idea that there is no hierarchy of culture inspired the authors of Pop art artworks to borrow from any source available. Amidst the strictness of the post-war Britain, a group of artists started to experiment with the images of mass culture pouring from American films, comics, and advertisements. The famous Pop art artists not only changed the face of art but reshaped the idea of material and with it introduced the notion of low-brow. What the Pop art artworks brought with them was the idea that art fused with the every day leaving everything open for grabs. This idea helped to place the time of Pop art as one of the most important times of modern art.

What Helped to Create Pop Art Artworks ?

The rich history of the movement tells the tale of the new idea concerning the aesthetic of the time. Bringing with it a new kind of popular image, defined as the huge advancement in the commercial aesthetic, Pop art artworks blurred the boundaries between high art and low culture. Rejecting, in a similar manner of Post-Painterly abstraction movement the grandeur of drama and soul of Abstract Expressionism, Pop art artworks aimed to connect philosophical thought through a very literal source. Artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Dine, or Peter Blake celebrated the found object and media stars. Such images re-defined painting and sculpture but also impacted the styles of both applied art and the fashion world. Understanding the pieces as some of the most iconic images of American art and creativity in general, two streams of thought helped to analyze them. On the one hand, critics and art historians view Pop art artworks as an enthusiastic confirmation of the capitalist market and the products it circulated, while some consider them as a cultural critique. Whether one should understand these images as an acceptance of the popular world or as a critique and symbol of the withdrawal from spirituality, has been a question of much debate.

Becoming the iconic images of American art, pop art artworks are considered as some of the most valued images. We’ve selected 10 best Pop art pieces which could be yours right now. If we have tickled your interest and sparked the need to own images of the movement which helped to define modern art, please scroll down.

Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe, Tate Retrospective

As one of the exhibited pieces during the Tate’s Retrospective in 1971, Andy Warhol’s screen print Marilyn Monroe managed to steal the show. Based on the press photo of the actress featuring her film Niagara, the image is considered as an iconic image of American art. Produced by the silkscreen technique Warhol learned during his work in advertising industry bright colors and simplification of the form helped to make the beautiful face a symbol of its time.

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Tom Wesselmann - Bedroom Blonde

Best known for his stylized female nudes, Tom Wesselmann is one of the most celebrated New York Pop Artists. Rejecting the ideas of Abstract Expressionism Wesselmann created collages, assemblage pieces, and produced some of the most iconic print editions. His Bedroom Blonde is part of his celebrated series Great American Nude produced during the 1960s.

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Robert Rauschenberg - Retrospective Limited Edition Plate

This complete suite of porcelain plates is an exclusive edition of the Guggenheim museum. Its author, Robert Rauschenberg is best known for his contribution and re-shaping of the nature of painting. The term combines helps to illustrate his mixed- media work which pushes the boundaries of both painting and sculpture as well. Celebrated for his found object pieces, Rauschenberg experimented across an array of disciplines and materials.

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Peter Blake - Rainbow Target

A painter of urban realistic subjects, Peter Blake is one of the pioneer figures of Pop Art movement. The author of the iconic sleeve design for the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the celebrated painting On the Balcony, Blake experimented with both materials and art disciplines. His painting Rainbow Target is created with the use of non-traditional art materials such as vacuum formed plastic.

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Mel Ramos - Dunkin Donut

Inspired by both Pop Art and Pin-Up style, Mel Ramos is famous for his provocative yet humorous paintings and prints. For lovers of the print edition, the lithography created piece Dunkin Donut display the artist’s interest in surrealism and absurd connections between his models and various objects. Fascinated by various beautiful celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson, Mel Ramos appropriates the imagery from mass media and consumeristic society typical of iconic pop art artworks.

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Roy Lichtenstein - As I Opened Fire

The suite of three serigraphy prints As I Opened Fire by Roy Lichtenstein follow the appropriation of the comic art style which celebrated the artists. As one of the first American artists to implement the style which dominated in Britain, Roy Lichtenstein was inspired by consumerism and mass culture. Both his paintings and print editions are notable for its ironic humor.

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Helder Batista - 2ND Amendment

Using the true golden US flag which is wrapped over a polystyrene form, fixed by resin 2ND Amendment by the French artist Helder Batista is one of the best illustrations of the artist’s style. Fascinated by the investigation of various materials, Helder Batista’s work includes sculpture, neon, inclusion, and installation. By using the found object, the artists explores burning social issues such as consumerism, globalization, themes of nonsense and absurdity.

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Simone Albert - Miss Golightly (Audrey Hepburn)

This handmade unique piece, created with the mixed media, painting, acrylic, and collage celebrates one of the fascinations of various pop art artworks. In hands of Simone Albert, the celebrated actress Audrey Hepburn and her character from the movie Breakfast at Tiffanies is presented with a twist. Following the artist’s interest in celebrities and exotic movie stars Simone Albert never stops to amaze us with her ability to provide a fresh take on images we have come to know so well.

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Robert Rauschenberg - Local Color

Dipping into the world of photography Robert Rauschenberg awarded us with his image Local Color. As a collage piece, the work presents a series of photographs taken at various locations. Implementing his style of combining what to an untrained individual would be a difficult task to achieve, Robert Rauschenberg is one of the most celebrated artists of pop art artworks.

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Jim Dine - Viennese Heart VII

Created in 1990 this screen print combines the traditional etching technique as well and with it only adds to the value of the piece created by the famous Jim Dine. Affiliated with the Pop art movement, Jim Dine created art which was filled with personal memories and meaning. Implementing at times found objects the artist’s work is closely linked to both Abstract Expressionism and Dada movement. Even though he is linked to some of the most revolutionary and avant-garde movements of creativity, Dine is recognized as a legendary artist considered as one of the pioneers of the Pop art movement.

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