Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival

May 2, 2015

The adorable French city of Vichy will once again be the hub of photography lovers. Specifically, the Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival is the only exhibition in the country focusing solely on the art of portraiture. The fascination with the portrait in every form will be celebrated for the third time, offering an array of genres - from traditional and conceptual to fiction - by both established and emerging artists exhibiting in town. In addition to the festival there will be a photography contest, opening for the fifth time and featuring the works of both amateur and professional photographers chosen by the jury.

Photo Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival, France
Alejandro Cartagena - Sans titre. Serie Car poolers. Copyright Alejandro Cartagena, courtesy Kopeikin Gallery Los Angeles

Portrait(s): Venues and Artists

The visitors can see the Portrait(s) international exhibition at the galleries of the Centre Culturel Valery-Larbaud in the city center and out in the open, on the Esplanade de l’Allier. This year’s artist-in-residence is Turkish photographer Yusuf Sevinçli, who took photos of the citizens of Vichy during his one month stay. On view at Place Saint-Louis, the images represent the result of the artist’s relationships with people he encountered in public places. The galleries of the Centre Culturel Valery-Larbaud will host works by photographers Martin Schoeller, Bruce Wrighton, Alejandro Cartagena, Richard Pak, Kourtney Roy and Mat Jacob. Around sixty portraits from the 1940s taken by Magnum Agency photographer and legend Elliott Erwitt will be on the Esplanade de l’Allier, for everyone to enjoy.

The Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival will present an extraordinary variety of views on portraiture. German photographer Martin Schoeller created close-up portraits of twins which challenge the notions of identity. Picking up the moments of the streets was Bruce Wrighton, who died in 1988 in Binghamton, NY, the city whose citizens he photographed. Capturing the atmosphere of rock concerts is French photographer Richard Pak, while Alejandro Cartagena brings portraits of workers from Mexico City. On view will also be the intriguing self-portraits by Kourtney Roy, a photographer from Canada, and that of Mat Jacob, who traveled the world taking photos of people around it. The L’Une et l’Autre exhibition will present an extract from Carnets de Route series of photographic tales developed in the Voix! workshops and open to victims of exclusion and female residents of Aurore Association shelters.

Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival, France
Martin Schoeller - Serie Identical. Jonah Allooh, Moses Allooh & Noah Allooh, 2011. Courtesy A. galerie, Paris

Photo Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival, France
Bahia Aidli - Voila. Serie Carnets de route 2012-2014

The City of Vichy Photography Contest

The fifth photography contest exhibition to coincide with the Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival will present the selection of photographs from submissions. Last year, almost 300 amateur and professional portrait photographers sent their works, and this year, eighteen of them will be awarded by the jury and members of the public. The three prizes are Jury Prize (professional category), Jury Prize (amateur category) and Public Prize. More information on the contest can be found on their official website.

Photo Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival, France
Left: Richard Pak - Sans Titre (PLAG#0109), 2013 (portrait photo) / Right: Richard Pak - Sans Titre (SPIC#0503), 1998/2011 (portrait photo). Série Je ne croirai qu'en un Dieu qui danse. Courtesy of the artist

The 2015 Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival

The third edition of Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival will be held from June 12th until September 6th, 2015 in the city of Vichy, France. For more information visit the city of Vichy’s website.

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Featured images in slider: Elliott Erwitt - Colorado, USA. 1955. Copyright Elliott Erwitt and Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt - Yokohama, Japan. 2003. Copyright Elliott Erwitt and Magnum Photos
Mat Jacob - Chine, 1993. De vous àmoi. Copyright Mat Jacob, courtesy Tendance Floue
Kourtney Roy - Eloy, Arizona, 2015. Serie inedite. Copyright Kourtney Roy, courtesy Galerie Catherine & André Hug, Paris
Bruce Wrighton - At Home. Curley’s Bar and Grill, Johnson City, NY, 1986. Courtesy Les Douches La Galerie, Paris and Laurence Miller Gallery, New York
All images courtesy of Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival

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