6 Protest Posters by Prominent Visual Artists

November 10, 2018

Characterized by a strength of their graphic design, the clarity of their message and their ability to grab people’s attention, protest posters have become a symbol of true resistance in the past decades. In an age of an increasing social and political unrest and uncertainty, their role is as salient as ever.

VISIONAIRE magazine, which is known for developing, curating, and producing art multiples, events, public art installations, film, branded content, apparel, and publications, is announcing its 68th edition in style. This special open-source issue features ten original protest posters designed by key artists and activists, providing us with the essential tools needed for fighting for what we care about and having our voices heard.

Artists and activists taking part in the collection with their works are Nan GoldinZoe Buckham and Hank Willis Thomas, Candice Breitz, Kim Gordon, Martine Gutierrez, Vivienne Westwood, Katerina Jebb, Tiona Nekkia MccLoddden and Pusha T, Marilyn Minter and Faith Ringgold, each focusing on a different issue. Tackling concerns such as opioid crises, the lack of representation of African American artists in art institutions and equal voting rights, these artists have created posters which are powerful and inspirational.

VISIONAIRE 68 NOW! is free and available to all from Monday 29th October here, as well as on Reddit. Also available is a limited ’deluxe edition’ featuring a collectors series of posters, which have all been expertly printed on canvases to be displayed or put to use at rallies, conventions, and marches.

Let's take a look at six protest posters in the collection!

Featured image: Nan Goldin takes on America's Opioid epidemic (detail). Courtesy of VISIONAIRE 68 NOW! issue.

Faith Ringgold - Gender Equality

The American artist Faith Ringgold is widely celebrated for her narrative quilts, telling stories of her life and those of others in the black community. A social activist and self-described "black woman in America", she is dedicated to expanding the art canon to include African American artists.

Her activism for GENDER EQUALITY has shed light on the discriminatory disposition of major art institutions towards African American artists, at the same time challenging the status quo.

Zoe Buckman and Hank Willis Thomas - Equal Voting

A multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, and photography, Zoe Buckman explores themes of Feminism, mortality, and equality. On the other hand, Hank Willis Thomas is focused on the exploration of the construction of black identity through popular culture.

Through EQUAL VOTING, these two artists raised awareness of the voting practice as an opportunity, right, and empowerment for all American adults. They raised questions on what it meant to be an American and what it meant to engage in democracy.

Candice Breitz - Sex Work Rights

Working primarily with video and photography, Candice Breitz has been focusing lately on the conditions under which empathy is produced in the society. Using her skills and privilege, the artist amplifies voices that often go unheard, helping empower and repair dignity.

Through her work SEX WORK RIGHTS, she aimed to tear down stigmas and laws which prohibit safe sex work, opening a debate on the accessibility for an equal future. She works with Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce, advocating and delivering services to South African sex workers.

Kim Gordon - Women's Rights

Best known as a founding member of Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon is also an accomplished artist whose paintings often explore the power of text. Executed in gold writing, this protest poster references the presidency of Donald Trump, but also the way of protest art becoming a decorative object. The line featured in the work refers to WOMEN’S RIGHTS and the mounting protest against the wave to reverse Roe vs Wade, but it is also about art collecting.

Marilyn Minter - Resistance

Through paintings, photographs and video works, Marilyn Minter examines our culture’s complex and sometimes contradictory emotions around the feminine body and beauty. With a singular and provocative pictorial language imbued with themes of desire, power, glamour, and beauty, she creates works that are often both seductive and repugnant.

Minter's bold poster simply reads RESIST, sending a clear message of not accepting the status quo and fighting for one's beliefs.

Nan Goldin - Opioid Crisis

A celebrated photographer known for an uncompromisingly honest body of work, Nan Goldin has dedicated herself to speaking out against the Sackler family, holding them accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic. Their Purdue Pharma company created and marketed the highly addictive painkiller Oxycontin, which is at the heart of the ongoing opioid crisis in the US, but have largely kept quiet about the escalating epidemic.

With her friends, Goldin founded the group P.A.I.N. Prescription Addiction Intervention Now which campaigns for treatment funding and education and to correct the misinformation regarding opioids. As The Sacklers have a great influence in art-world philanthropy and their name graces museums worldwide, the group aims to put pressure on art institutions to refuse future donations from them.

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