Remed in Marrakech

November 16, 2014

An artist might tell you that there is only hard work behind a complex art piece, whether it is on the smallest canvas in a studio or the biggest mural in an urban space. Another artist may tell you that the only “true” expression comes from the magical potential of chaos. One will say it is a question of mathematical precision and scientific determinism. Another will assert that it is only a matter of intuitive spirituality. But, what of those who might say that it is an equilibrium of these stances? What if there was someone who would say that art represents a perfect junction of soul and science? That person exists, and it is the street artist who goes by the name of Remed…

Remed in Marrakech
Remed, artwork

The Work of Remed

Remed is one of the most renowned French street artists working today (check out our 10 Urban Artists from France). Living in Lille, the artist had created for some time solely in his studio. His influences and inspiration came form such artists as Modigliani and Léger. Remed’s work transformed somewhat as the artist kept investigating the horizons of mathematical perfection, geometry and calligraphy. The artist has been on a journey to express through a simple visual language, yet one which echoes a powerful aesthetics. Remed is also known for his charitable work and the devotion to teaching graffiti in schools and social institutions. He had quit his job in order to follow the calling of helping youths learn how does one become a street artist. He has been a participant of Wide Open Walls Gambia and the Streets of Color project in Toronto during this summer, through a collaboration with Okuda. In the upcoming period, the public will have a chance to see Remed’s work, as part of his solo show in Marrakech…

Remed in Marrakech
Remed, artwork

Solo Show in Marrakech

Remed’s style had changed during the last couple of years. Ever since he had moved to Sao Paolo in 2006, the artist’s work had become the recognizable imagery it is today. There is a clear and visible influence of the Moroccan culture, rendering Remed’s work to be an articulation of geometric elements and calligraphy combined with bright colors. His artistic expression, although only seemingly simple in form, hides a complex metanarrative of hidden meaning. Arguably, if one focuses on the instances of harmony in Remed’s work, it could be said that certain characteristics of the artist’s work resemble Islamic Art. It is a situation of a constant search for synchronism through a deep devotion to detail. Remed’s solo show will be open for public view in the period between December 19th 2014 and January 18th 2015, at David Bloch Gallery.
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Remed in Marrakech
Remed, artwork, Italy

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Marrakesh, Morocco

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