Celebrate ‘The Year of Magritte’ With a Marvelous Show at the Atomium

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September 21, 2017

Marking fifty years since René Magritte’s death, the Atomium decided to pay a unique tribute to one of the great figures of the Belgian Surrealist movement by organizing a show titled The Year of Magritte. The Atomium invites viewers to discover (or re-discover) René Magritte and his art through a fun experience full of wonderment as his key works will be displayed in an innovative scenography. The Year of Magritte will allow us to enter the magical world of Belgium’s greatest modern artist and weave a way around his bowler-hatted figures, clouds and birds. The carefully selected works will present Magritte’s world and reveal its most iconic elements.

La Reponse Imprevue, 1933 / RightLa Condition Humaine, 1933
Left: René Magritte - La Reponse Imprevue, 1933. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017 / Right: René Magritte - La Condition Humaine, 1933. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017

The Year of Magritte

The main goal of The Year of Magritte is to acquaint viewers with the world of René Magritte and, in this way, to introduce them to the incredible universe of Surrealism. This will be done by plunging visitors into the renowned artist’s Surrealist realm. Some works will be presented in actual size via 3D techniques, a feature that will undoubtedly prove to be a key component of the show. Visitors will walk through the set like they're characters in a play, soaking up the atmosphere as they are allowed to see the world through René Magritte's eyes. A special accent will be placed on certain details of Magritte's body of work that have rarely been discussed in the past.

La Grande Famille,1963 / L Empire Des Lumieres, 1953
Left: René Magritte - La Grande Famille,1963. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017 / Right: René Magritte - L'Empire Des Lumières, 1953. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017

The Magical World of the Surrealism's Great

By completely immersing the viewers into the show's content, visitors will be able to witness first-hand the key elements in René Magritte’s paintings. They will be able to linger awhile among the clouds, the famous birds will be suspended above their heads and they will have green apples to use as seats. Music to suit the setting and theatrical lighting will provide the finishing touches to the overall ambiance, so this highly educational experience will most definitely also possess a strong note of fun. The Year of Magritte will show visitors the conceptual world between images, pictorial art, speech and reality, an incredible balance that set apart Magritte from the majority of his Surrealist contemporaries. The exhibition will also feature memorable quotes by Magritte himself.

Le Fils De L Homme, 1964 / La Carriere De Geanit, 1964
Left: René Magritte - Le Fils De L'Homme, 1964. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017 / Right: René Magritte - La Carrière De Geanit, 1964. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017

Rene Magritte Art Exhibition at Atomium

The Year of Magritte will immerse the viewers in the Surrealist universe of René Magritte and allow them to discover the secret messages hidden in his paintings, as well as explore the extraordinary and captivating settings depicted in his masterpieces. The show will also make the best out of the striking architecture of the Atomium building. Split into sections of sets for close examination, The Year of Magritte exhibition will be held between the 21st of September, 2017 and September 10th, 2018, at Atomium, one of the greatest landmarks of Brussels, Belgium.

Featured images: René Magritte - Les Amants, 1928 © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017; Le Double Secret, 1927. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017;; La Clairvoyance, 1936. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017; Le Miroir faux, 1928. © René Magritte © C.H. ADAGP Paris 2017. All images courtesy of Atomium.

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