Graffiti Legend RISK To Release 350 Page Book with 1XRUN

July 17, 2015

There’s hardy an artist more deserving of a life-depicting monograph than the Los Angeles street art legend RISK. 1xRUN publishing company and artist Roger Gastman joined forces and published the definitive book covering the RISK’s several decades long career. The book is titled Old Habits Die Hard and will describe the evolution of the artist’s work detailing his successes, failures and occasional problems with the law. The book powerfully depicts the inspirational journey of the artist who had gone from illegal painting and brushing with the law to solo shows and creating backgrounds for Playboy magazine centerfolds.

1XRUN, Art Book
Artwork by RISK in Old Habits Die Hard Art Book

The Legend of RISK

Kelly Graval, better known as RISK is one of the most renowned street artist in the world. Since the eighties, when his carrier began, Los Angeles has seen many graffiti artist come and go but RISK has stayed true to his work, establishing himself as the street art legend. At the peak of his career RISK transferred his graffiti on canvases and after twenty six years in the art world had his fist solo show in 2008. Starting his career as a proficient street art calligrapher RISK’s style continuously evolved as the artist transformed himself from street art to fine art contemporary artist and illustrator but never gave up the graffiti art scene. RISK continues to work with bold colors, complex compositions, light and shadow and develops further his abstract letterforms that decorate numerous walls, signs and walkways in LA.

1XRUN, Art Book
Left : RISK - Old Habits Die Hard Deluxe Edition containing the Book and Third Rail Print / Right : RISK Holding a Monograph

The Rise of LA Graffiti Art Scene

The book not only describes the career of one of the most influential artists but it also tells the story of Los Angeles graffiti scene and its development. His unique form of lettering has pushed the boundaries of graffiti and influenced a whole generation of younger artist. With his hard and life-long work he  has helped the graffiti art movement elevate to worldwide recognition. RISK was one of the first street artists to paint on the freight trains and freeway overpasses. Old Habits Die Hard book tells the legendary story about climbing and painting one of the first LA freeway signs later named Heavens. The artist has come a long way from a fine art student to exhibiting artworks worldwide and painting the set of a Michael Jackson video. This comprehensive monograph follows his inspirational journey every step of the way.

1XRUN, Art Book
Graffiti Art by RISK in Old Habits Die Hard Book

Old Habits Die Hard Art Book is Up for Sale

Old Habits Die Hard book will be up for sale from July 17th, 2015  at Noon EST. The book spans over 350 pages and will contain over 700 original, never-before-seen photographs that vividly describe the evolution of the graffiti icon. Images were carefully chosen among hundreds of photographs to highlight the best moments of RISK's life-long impressive career. The first edition of Old Habits Die Hard  monograph will be published in 2 000 hardbound three-piece binding copies. The monograph has a foil stamped cover and dust jacket. The comprehensive first edition describing Risk’s massive career can be ordered from 1XRUN website. Signed copies of the Old Habits Die Hard art book and hand-painted prints by the artist are also available for purchase.

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Featured images: Old Habits Die Hard Cover, detail, Alternative Old Habits Die Hard Book Covers and RISK in His Studio, photograph by Colin M Day
All images courtesy of 1XRUN