Roberto Fanari Exhbition Shows His Inventive Iron Creations - Coming to White Noise Gallery

January 21, 2016

The new Roberto Fanari exhibition will open the White Noise Gallery in Rome for 2016. The name of the exhibition is Iron and it will showcase the artist's previous works as well as the new ones, created for the Gallery's Project Room. The title of the exhibition points to the most dominant material in Fanari's work. His distinctive style in sculpture is an encounter of several opposing principles. That gives them an unsettling and surreal appearance. Fanari’s sculptures show His sculptures show completeness of incomplete, his subjects are striking, and the choice of materials tells several different stories. The artist's style perfectly fits the gallery's unconventional approach to contemporary art and the art market (be sure to read our guide to 10 galleies in Rome you should visit).

roberto fanari exhibition
Left: Roberto Fanari - Domenica Mattina, 2010 / Right: Roberto Fanari - Untitled II

The Art of Roberto Fanari: the Skeleton as a Complete Work of Art

Roberto Fanari was born in 1984. He lives and works in Milan. While he was studying art, Fanari got interested in the skeletal structures that usually provided a base for sculptures. Fanari thought they didn't need to be covered: they were already works of art. His body of work followed that direction. Fanari creates iron structures tracing the form of a figure, but doesn't cover the skeletons. Instead, he uses contrasts between full, detailed areas and the areas of empty space. The volume of a sculpture by Fanari is defined by the alternation of full and empty areas. He makes them using welded iron rods. The iron grids themselves resemble computer graphic, and yet they're three-dimensional. The material they're made of seems heavy, and yet they're light in form. Their contrasting qualities form a distinctive narrative that invites the viewers to look at our world from a different angle.

roberto fanari exhibition
Roberto Fanari - Seconda B, 2012

Fanari from the Project Room Contrasts 3d and 2d

Roberto Fanari is the winner of the White Noise Special Award at the Insideart 2014 Talent Prize – the visual arts contest created to promote, develop and sustain young contemporary artists. The new scope of Fanari's work, created for the White Noise Gallery's Project Room, explores the relations of sculpture and large scale drawings. Roberto Fanari contrasted iron and paper, as well as hard metal skeletal structures and their 2D equivalent – graphite lines.

roberto fanari exhibition
Roberto Fanari - La stanza delle meraviglie (toro), 2014

The Significance of Iron Throughout History

Apart from being used by sculptors to provide support and framework for finished works, iron had a great significance throughout the human history. It has been used for millennia. It has a long tradition in the mythology and folklore. Modern cities are built using iron-reinforced concrete. Bearing that in mind, we can view the work of Roberto Fanari as a metaphor of contemporary civilization. His subjects vary: Fanari makes sculptures of children, hunting trophies, and furnishings from the Victorian era. The familiar shapes and forms filtered through his characteristic visual language spark contrasting feelings in the viewers.

Iron by Roberto Fanari at the White Noise Gallery

Iron, The Roberto Fanari exhibition, will be on display from January 23 to February 27, 2016 at the White Noise gallery in Rome.

Featured image: Roberto Fanari - Appello, 2014

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