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October 10, 2019

Ever since the prehistoric times, the humankind was inspired by geometric shapes found in nature. The dominating one was always the circle, due to its symbolic context (the circle of life, the shape of the sun as the source of life, etc.), so it is not unusual that many philosophers, mathematicians, and theologians were so attracted to it.

The circle is a simple closed shape known since before the beginning of recorded history. Alongside various circular shapes found in nature, it represents the basis of the wheel, while the exploration of the circle inspired the development of early geometry, astronomy, and calculus.

The circle is present in the painting, sculpture and other media through the depictions of the celestial bodies, wheels, sundials, clocks, and other objects, while in architecture, the circle is a base of domes, vaults, circular paths, and spiral stairs. This particular shape was widely explored within the abstract art of the early 20th century, and even contemporary artists are fascinated with it.

We have now selected eight round artworks by established present-day artists which you can add to your collection as you read this text.

Featured image: Paul Snell - Intersect # 201502, 2015. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Anna Charney – Dive Deeper

The first artwork on our top list was made by a prolific American painter and muralist of abstract pattern works Anna Charney. By combining graphic patterning, dense detail and expansive compositions, she produces unique and optically challenging works aimed to tackle the illusionary. Namely, the swirling dot patterns plunge the beholder into the unknown and integrate other forms of visual perception.

Charney’s Dive Deeper is an acrylic on canvas and it nicely illustrates her aesthetic and formal approach.

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Ugo Rondinone - Suite of Small Sun I + II

Next up is a painting made by Swiss contemporary artist Ugo Rondinone, known for his mixed-media installations consisting of sculpture, painting, video, sound, and photography. By combining metaphoric and iconographic images such as clouds, animals, and figures, and powerful declarative sayings, the artist constructs engaging and contemplative compositions contemplative rooted in performativity which can be traced back to his collaboration with radical Viennese artist Herman Nitsch and his Orgies Mystery Theatre.

This particular artwork is a diptych titled Suite of Small Sun and was made by Rondinone in 2019.

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Cleon Peterson - Out Of Darkness II

Cleon Peterson is an LA-based artist who gained prominence for his chaotic painting depicting various social struggles. It can be said that he is a socially engaged painter of the present day whose inspiration comes from both the classic Greco-Roman vases depicting warriors and battles and the graphic vigor of German Expressionism.

Out Of Darkness II features a group of a Black and a White man struggling in a swirl of a circle, and it was made by Peterson in 2018.

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Paul Snell - Intersect # 201502

The next artwork on our top list was made by Tasmanian contemporary artist Paul Snell who devotedly explores the creative potential of the digital image through his photographic practice. By collecting data, manipulating and abstracting it, he purifies the composition to the full extent and the result is a vibrant and hypnotic two-dimensional artwork. Snell's highly stylized, repetitive works are based on pulsating patterns and forms influenced by geometric painting, color field abstraction, and Op-art.

The round piece Intersect # 201502 is a chromogenic print made by the artist in 2015.

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2Alas – Production 9

An artistic duo called 2Alas is formed by Andrew Antonaccio and Filio Galvez, known for their graffiti practice based on the exploration of the potentials of abstraction. Through 2Alas, the two creatives focus on the juxtaposition of conventional aesthetics and the digital medium.

Production 9 is a round painting made by the duo in 2017.

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Jane Puylagarde - Round Blue

Next up is a more conceptual artwork made by French artist Jane Puylagarde, who managed to develop a unique style by incorporating the punctuations or rough patches in the form of spots on her canvas. The artist is apparently inspired by Minimal art and fascinated by cosmos, black holes, elegant movement of a procession of planets, that orbit around each star and what the eye seems to perceive when it examines cosmic emptiness.

Round Blue is an intriguing monochrome doted artwork made by Puylagrade in 2019.

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Tanc - Sans Titre

The artistic practice of Tancrède Perrot, better known under the alias Tanc, is inspired by the abstract expressionists, especially the work of Franz Kline. In recent times, his glitch paintings show the artist’s growing interest in monochrome iterations, linear variations, and automatic writing. Such a tendency is related to Tanc’s experimental music through which he explores the tonality, rhythm, and pulsation.

Sans Titre or Untitled is an acrylic on canvas made by Tanc apparently inspired by Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings.

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Daniel Arsham - Moon

The last round artwork on our top list was made by the American multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham, famous for his white objects and installations. By combining art, architecture, and performance he creates exciting in-between spaces of fictional archaeology. Arsham also gained fame for his impressive stage design for choreographer Merce Cunningham’s Dance company performance; he is one of the founders of the Snarkitecture studio, known for collaborations with fashion brands, interior, and architectural design.

Moon is a sculptural form made by the artist in 2017.

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