RUN at Galleria Varsi: L'Uomo con la Coda

May 31, 2015

New body of work by the Italian artist RUN will be presented at Galleria Varsi in Rome. L'Uomo con la Coda aka The Man with the Tail exhibition is inspired by RUN’s recent return to Italy after having lived in London for several years. The central motif of the exhibition is the evolution of man kind and the artist, known for his anthropological approach, tries to answer the question how we became what we are today. The skillfulness of the artist is presented by the masterful application of bright colors and numerous details in the artworks created with the use of many different artistic styles and techniques.

Galleria Varsi, Rome
Artwork by RUN, 2015

Primitive Energy of L'Uomo con la Coda

L'Uomo con la Coda exhibition deals with the origin of the world and human beings. The artworks that will be presented at Galleria Varsi in Rome are vivid and complex. Main  characters are archaic individuals that preform ancient rituals often by creating symbolic poses with their interlocking bodies. The artworks are glowing with primal energy and feed on the strength brought to them by nature. Every artwork in the exhibition, whether on small canvases or on huge walls, epitomizes different parts of RUN’s personality and the artist proclaims that he is the Man with the Tail. There’s a primitive atmosphere in his images but they also portray the evolution from the prehistoric to the modern man indicating perhaps that the two are not so different after all. Although ancient the characters appear emotional and easy to relate to so the visitor can feel incredibly comfortable among all those atavistic beings.

L'uomo-con-la-coda, Rome
Artwork detail from the Run's L'uomo con la Coda Exhibition Poster

The Evolution of RUN

Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN has long been a member of the writing and street art community but for L'Uomo con la Coda exhibition he prepaid the artworks that demonstrate his other artistic skills as well. The visitors will have the opportunity to see the variety of styles and techniques mastered by the artist including painting, drawing, silkscreen and sculpture. The proficient use of numerous techniques seems even more impressive knowing that RUN is a self-thought artist who has carefully researched and studied different carving, painting and sculpturing know-how. Numerous variations in artworks and techniques are inviting the viewers to witness the evolution of the RUN’s style as well as the evolution of human beings.

Galleria Varsi, Rome
Selected Artworks of RUN, 2015

L'Uomo con la Coda at Galleria Varsi

L'Uomo con la Coda exhibition will be opening in the Galleria Varsi  in Rome on June 4th and it will be curated by Marta Gargiulo and Masimo Scorocca. After the opening of the exhibition RUN will paint the mural on the wall in Pigneto area in Rome as a part of the Street Hart project that aims to take the art outdoors where it can easily communicate with inhabitants of the district. The monographic L'Uomo con la Coda solo show will be displaying all of RUN’s talents perfected over the years of work. The exhibitions will be closed on July 16th, 2015.

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All images courtesy of Galleria Varsi

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