Russell Maurice Travels Revealed in The Pilgrim – Exhibition with Fluorescent Smogg in Barcelona

October 1, 2015

Only two weeks ago, the Fluorescent Smogg organized an amazing “secret” pop-up exhibition in Bristol entitled COSMOGG (we put the word “secret”, because the location of the exhibition had remained unknown until its very opening). The show gathered twelve great artists, and one of them was Russell Maurice a.k.a. Gasius. Only two weeks after the COSMOGG show, Fluorescent Smogg and Gasius are working together again, this time in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The Fluorescent Smogg is presenting Russell Maurice exhibition of new works, in order to celebrate the launch of a new Bronze edition by the artist. The edition is entitled The Pilgrim.

russell maurice exhibition
Russell Maurice

The Art of Russell Maurice

Russell Maurice was born in 1975, in Newcastle upon Tyne, the United Kingdom. His early works were deeply rooted in romanticism, exploring all diversities of the natural world (although when he was young, he spent his youth between graffiti and skating). Actually, the main focus of his early art was the relationship between nature and contemporary society. The artist’s recent work has been focused more on metaphysical explorations of the world, or more concrete, on analyzing the forms of the spiritual life. As a consequence, he is inspired by theories on the after life and concept of ghosting. Maurice uses different subjects in his works, but it seems that the Alchemy plays very important role in his art concepts. Many of his works are using the way in which Alchemy is recorded, creating an abstract narrative and sometimes surreal compositions. It is interesting also to mention that Maurice launched the graphic led clothing label, Gasius, that became quite famous for its humoristic approach. The brand has collaborated regularly with Goodhood, Medicom and, more recently, Stussy.

russell maurice exhibition
Russell Maurice - The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim is the name of the new Bronze edition by Russell Maurice that is about to be launched at Fluorescent Smogg project space in Barcelona. We could say that the central theme of The Pilgrim can be found in Maurice’s 20cm Bronze cast of a bindle (a stick and fabric bundle bag) initially emerged from an Alchemic symbol. This then travelled through his comic treatment, and now “appears” with feet, skull, etc. This Maurice’s Pilgrim is not alone: tands amidst other tearful creatures, set within a landscape of otherworldliness: Fulgurite Golems. Bleached smurf bottle stoppers. Old boots. Gravestones. Candlesticks.  Lightning... Somewhere on his journey. The Pilgrim shows the artist’s continuing use of the ragged, the scrappy, of cut-out offcuts, not just clean canvases. Maurice continues to explore mysticism, and themes of birth, death and rebirth, but this time with some influence of Pop Art.

russell maurice exhibition
Russell Maurice

Russell Maurice Exhibition at Fluorescent Smogg Project Space

In order to celebrate the launch of the new Bronze edition by Russell Maurice, Fluorescent Smogg organizes an exhibition in its project space in Barcelona (Barcelona is truly a great place for these sort of events. Be sure to check out our Barcelona art travel special). Don’t miss The Pilgrim. The opening event is scheduled for October 1, 2015, 7-10pm at Fluorescent Smogg Project Space in Barcelona.

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Featured Image: Russell Maurice - The Pilgrim

All Images courtesy of Fluorescent Smogg.

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