SABEK Gets the First Solo Show in France Thanks to Pole Art

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October 30, 2018

Founded in 2018 by Jean Claude Geraud, Pole art is dedicated to supporting artists and the development of art in France and abroad. Specializing in innovative exhibition concepts, they want to offer an experience which acts as a journey and an initiation into an artistic world.

This young agency will now inaugurate their activities with the solo exhibition of SABEK. Titled Nature Noire, the exhibition will also be the first solo exhibition in France of this talented Spanish street artist.


The Practice of SABEK

Born in Spain, SABEK immersed himself in the art world very early, starting to paint in the streets at the age of 16. Drawing the inspiration from his daily life, he has developed a poetic and sensitive graffiti universe. His murals often take massive dimensions, easily catching the attention of the passersby. In the last few years, he emerged as a key actor in the Spanish street art scene, painting figures inspired by nature. He gained much notoriety in 2016 while taking part in Pow Wow Worcester, the international festival of mural arts.

Among his recurring motifs are animals, pyramids and skulls. Wild beasts which are featured prominently, such as bears or eagles, are painted entirely in black without perceptible eyes. Appearing unhindered in their urban environment, these beasts raise the questions about the state of those who inhabit our ecosystem, highlighting the importance of nature and its preservation.

Jean Claude Geraud from Pole Art, SABEK
Left: Jean Claude Geraud from Pole Art / Right: SABEK

Nature Noire

SABEK's animals which appear on walls all around the world serve as spiritual entities which offer the lost nexus of our animal origins. Going beyond the tangible reality of physical nature, the black color which fills the silhouettes of these creatures presents a void or meditation. Encouraging the viewer to free themselves from the reality which has entrapped them, these animals remind us of the increasing gap between us and nature, further enhanced by the false reality which serves only to satisfy our human ego.

SABEK's works invite the public to reconnect with our ancestral origin, our wild origins which we have forgotten. By contemplating these black silhouettes, the viewers need to empty themselves and eliminated from their consciousness anything of the false reality which is not essential to our nature. For this, one would have to take a sincere internal effort.


SABEK Presented by Pole Art

The exhibition Nature Noire will be on view at the General District at 71 rue de la Fontaine au Roi in Paris from November 2nd until November 4th, 2018. The opening reception will take place on November 2nd, from 6 p.m.

From October 29th at 8 p.m., the agency presents a limited edition of 20 prints by SABEK on their Instagram and Facebook with the possibility of pre-ordering.

In the future, we can expect a range of exciting exhibitions from Pole art, offering a sharp selection of different styles of the urban world. Be sure to follow their work.

Featured images: SABEK - Evasion; SABEK Murals; Sabek - The Keep; The Few What Are Left; Evasion; Escudo. All images courtesy the artist and Pole art.

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