Sandra Gering INC. Gallery Explores the Use of Color and Technology in Painting and Sculpture with a new Group Show

April 4, 2016

Visual arts such as painting and sculpture were always dependent on the use of color for its impact, mood and depth. The colors choices and mixing and application of color pigments have always played a great role in stimulating the visual senses of the viewer. Sandra Gering Inc. gallery in New York will present an exhibition exploring the use of color and technology in painting and sculpture. With the evolution of digital technologies and its influence on creativity, the use of color took a significant leap forward, providing endless possibilities. The exhibition Tech-né-color will feature works by Peter Halley, Todd James, KAWS, Ryan McGinness, Karim Rashid, John F. Simon, Jr, Vincent Szarek, Xavier Veilhan and Leo Villareal.

sandra gering inc
Left: John F. Simon, Jr. - Color Panel v1.0, 1999 / Right: John F. Simon, Jr. - CPU, 1999

Tech Color and Color Technology

The core interest of Sandra Gering Inc. has always been the use of color and technology in painting and sculpture. When taken separately, the characteristics of these two roles seem conflicting, even calling for different approaches. Still, many artists have welcomed this mix, creating works that don’t always reflect this practice in an obvious way. Since tech color and color technology often tend to overlap, this exhibition will present the diverse examples of this practice from its past and current programs. The work of the artists presented at this exhibition comes out of the digital landscape of the 21st century, with technology incorporated as a medium for their expression.

sandra gering inc
Left: KAWS - Permanent Thirty-three (1428), 2008 / Right: Xavier Veilhan - Quincy Jones, 2015

Diverse Group of Artists

The exhibition features a variety of works showing different uses of technology and color. Peter Halley uses fluorescent, Day-Glo and other computer based colors and striking graphics. On the other hand, the color choices of Xavier Veilhanand and KAWS are made very selectively. Their sculptures can only be created using the latest fabrication methods regardless of the actual materials, making the use of technology inherent to the production itself. In the practice of the software artist John F. Simon, Jr, sculpture and software code are blended to the extent of being indistinguishable. Leo Villareal creates light and space works that are colorless in their essence, due to the computer coding and hundreds of thousands color possibilities. The practice of Vincent Szarek consists of applying or removing color for symbolic effects. Finally, the psychedelic qualities are a common ground for the practice of Todd James, Ryan McGinnes and Karim Rashid. With vivid and saturated colors, their paintings and graphics accentuate a split between an intuitive and methodical use of color.

sandra gering inc
Left: Leo Villareal, Buckyball, 2015 / Right: Peter Halley - Explosion #9, 2015

Tech-né-color at Sandra Gering Inc.

Sandra Gering Inc. was founded by the gallerist, curator and art dealer Sandra Gering who is specialized in modern and contemporary art. It is both a gallery and a launching pad for national and international projects. Located in New York on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the gallery promotes and exhibits emerging and mid-career artists, while managing activities outside of typical gallery environment. The exhibition Tech-né-color will be on show from April 14th till June 11th, 2016.

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Featured image: Peter Halley - Explosion #9 (detail), 2015. All images courtesy of Sanda Gering Inc.

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