Three Exhibitions Stir Up the Summer at Haven Gallery

August 5, 2016

Summer is usually a slow time for galleries that often decide to close their doors and take a short vacation while waiting for the fall season to start. But even in the hot summer months Northport-based Haven Gallery simply refuses to slow down. First, the gallery participated in Art Hamptons 2016 where it presented a series of works by its finest artists including Hannah Yata and Josie Morway. Then the visitors had the opportunity to see La Lune group exhibition that dealt with different historical, cultural, mythological and scientific descriptions of the moon. For the month of August, the gallery has prepared not one but three exhibitions of works made by a variety of artists. Sasha Ira exhibition of drawings deals with the topic of personal and collective transformation and evolution. Marc Scheff exhibition entitled Materialization, focuses on the topic of transformation as well, but also questions the material qualities of every individual artwork. Finally, a group show entitled The Tempest represents an extensive exploration of old masters' works conducted trough an array of pieces made by contemporary artists.

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Left : Sasha Ira - Thoughts of You / Right : Sasha Ira - Cluster

Transformation in the works by Sasha Ira and Marc Scheff

Devenir, new solo show by Sasha Ira focuses on the transformative periods in a life of a woman. The influence of Japanese culture is noticeable in her work especially the elements of fashion, anime and manga culture. The central motif of the images is restraint, symbolized by chokers and strings wrapped around the subjects necks. By playing with the elements of restriction and reservation the main characters take control over the situation and convey an abundance of power and unpredictable energy. The vibrant personalities of the subjects are noticeable in their seductive eyes which express both intelligence and emotional complexity.

Marc Scheff is an artist who creates intricate surrealist imagery from a variety of materials. His latest series of works is made by applying resin, pencil, and acrylic on panels covered edge-to-edge with gold leafs. Stacked together, the layers create a resonant effect that quickly captures the attention of the viewers. The upcoming exhibit entitled Materialization focuses on transformations that humans go trough during their lifetimes but also the process of the materialization of an artwork. Apart from its spiritual essence, every artwork also has its material quality which is not only an integral part of the piece but an integral part of the artistic experience as well.

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Left : Marc Scheff - Blue Dream / Right : Marc Scheff - Caliban

The Tempest : Upcoming Group Show

The Tempest group show is inspired by the works of two great masters from the past J.M.W. Turner and Italian Renaissance painter, Giorgione. The exhibition got its name from the celebrated scene entitled La Tempesta created by Giorgione that provides the narrative base for the artworks that will be presented at the show. Each artist was asked to create an original work that will examine the sense of foreshadowing present in the works by Giorgione and connect them to the dark and powerful landscape and seascape imagery made by J.M.W. Turner.  The concept resulted in the series of striking artworks mostly depicting female characters immersed in the surrounding environment. Whether they are emerging from the water, floating in the sky or standing amid a captivating landscape, the subjects at The Tempest artworks convey the sense of freedom and serenity that can be experienced only in contact with nature.

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Vince Natale - Stormbringer

Exciting New Exhibitions Opening in Northport

Two mini solo shows presenting artworks by Marc Scheff and Sasha Ira will be on view at Haven's Gallery 1. Gallery 2 will host a group show entitled The Tempest featuring new pieces by Brian Mashburn, Joseph Weinreb, Michael C. Hayes, Ingrid Tusell, Vince Natale, Henry Schreiber, Sara Scribner, Shane Scribner, Megan Buccere, Lioba Brückner, Gianni Monteleone, Rebecca Mason Adams, Tom Babbey, Eric Velhagen, Scott Grimando, Shane Pierce, Chris Leib, Kristin Shiraef and again Marc Sheff. All three shows will run simultaneously starting from August 6th and will last till September 11th, 2016 at Haven's Gallery venues in Northport, United States.

Featured images : Gianni Monteleone - Black Garden ; Left : Joseph Weinreb - Chimerical / Right : Michael Hayes - Tribulation ; Brian Mashburn - Domaine ; Sasha Ira - Ceilidh ; Scott Grimando - The Breakers ; Left : Kristin Shiraef - Tempest Show Bright / Right : Ingrid Tusell - La tormentosa ; Sara Scribner - Try As They Might They Could Not Resist Her Crashing Waves ; Images courtesy of Haven Gallery

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