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February 21, 2018

The market for sexy art is now drastically different when compared to the state it was in a few decades ago when you were not able to find a single provocative nude at an antiques fair. Now, fortunately, it's not uncommon to see sexy art as nothing short than a theme of a mainstream, center-of-a-city kind of exhibition.

What was once considered controversial is now viewed as a genre that can make powerful and positive social statements. As a result, more and more young artists are coming forth with provocative bodies of work, while the market constantly keeps searching through the older artists' oeuvres in search of erotic artworks that may have slipped through the cracks for whatever reason.

The Revamped Market for Sexy Art

Since the current condition of the market became so good for sexy art, it's no wonder this genre blossomed over the last few years. You need not look any further than the Fifty Shades of Grey series to read the situation - even average-at-best books and notoriously bad movies with sexual content are making money, so the climate and conditions for investing in a sexy art piece may never have been better.

If this increased openness towards sexual themes is able to prompt your interest in erotic art, we're here to show you eight sexy art pieces that are but a few clicks away from becoming a part of your home.

Hildegarde Handsaeme - Passion, 2014

This acrylic on canvas painting, titled Passion, is a fantastic demonstrator of Hildegarde Handsaeme's visual vocabulary, but it also showcases her ability to elegantly depict sexy art scenes. For this piece, the artist's unique plastic language reveals a man and a women during an intercourse, lost in the heat of passion.

As is always the case with Handsaeme's work, Passion also has the nature of women as its underscoring main theme, a topic that seems to be a limitless source of inspiration for the Belgium-born painter.

See more information about the work here.

Hush - Passion, 2009

Coincidentally sharing the name with our previous entry, Hush's Passion is a limited edition screen print that features a manga-like nude girl kneeling down.

The portrayed girl is placed in front of a highly abstract backdrop. Hush was always interested in Japanese art and its style, and this piece certainly speaks volumes about that passion (no pun intended).

See more information about the painting here.

Damon Lehrer - Lovers, 2013

This beautiful charcoal drawing, titled Lovers, was created by Damon Lehrer in 2013. It presents the viewers with a naked couple resting on a bed, with the female figure sleeping on top of the male's back.

Sensual and highly erotic, Lovers is a fabulously intimate scene executed in technical perfection.

See more information about the drawing here.

Pablo Picasso - La Puce I & II, 1936

Hardly a stranger to sexy art, Pablo Picasso painted this lovely piece back in 1936. These two prints, titled as La Puce I & II, are made from sugar-lift aquatint, grattoir and drypoint.

Rendered in a usual Picasso visual manner, these prints present the audience with the same near-naked girl who, with her head almost unnaturally tilted to the right, seems to be turning around in order to face the viewer.

See more information about the work here.

Tom Wesselmann - Monica with Tulips, 1989

This colorful screen print was made by Tom Wesselmann, which is actually hard to miss as Monica with Tulips' visual style is a dead give-away of who created it.

Monica with Tulips features a women resting on a bed with her legs partially spread. Rendered in a characteristic Tom Wesselmann fashion, the print is "suffering" from an obvious lack of details, so the figure's nose, eyes and bellybutton are missing, among other parts of her body.

See more information about the print here.

Salvador Dali - Nude with Snail Breasts, 1967

Bizarre and instantly recognizable, Salvador Dali's body of work is one of the most fascinating oeuvres in modern art history - and Nude With Snail Breasts fits right in.

Featuring a faceless naked lady with snails placed where her breasts should be, this print, with its surprisingly bleak aesthetic, is one of the most bizarrely astonishing works of sexy art currently available on the art market.

See more information about the print here.

Mairi-Luise Tabbakh - D, 2013

Titled simply as D, this photograph was taken by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh and it perfectly illustrates her ability to make high-quality photographic sexy art.

Like most photos made by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh, D tries to capture the raw essence of a woman in a black and white photograph. It shows us a curvy nude female whose eyes are covered by a black scarf, positioned in a way that allows her to take up the majority of the composition.

See more information about the photo here.

Isabel Bishop - Nude

Another example of how elegant sexy art can be if executed in the right manner, Isabel Bishop's Nude features a naked female figure with closed eyes attempting to cover her body with both arms.

Depicted in an intriguing style that almost makes the figure look like it's made out of wood, Nude has a very interesting vibe to it. It's black and white aesthetic further emphasize that sense, so deciding to purchase this piece of sexy art is certainly far from a bad choice.

See more information about the work here.

All images courtesy their respective galleries.

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