Shanghai Art Galleries You Must Visit

November 29, 2016

With its long history, versatile art scene and an array of enthusiastic art collectors, China should never be disregarded when it comes to art. Though many of the country's finest art venues are located in Beijing and Hong Kong, Shanghai art scene is just as vibrant and exciting as the backdrop of its more popular counterpart. The vivacious city just hosted its 17th edition of China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF), and is the home of the most influential visual art biennale in the region that gathers around 100 national and international participants bianualy.

Offseason, Shangai can rely on its numerous galleries to keep its art scene healthy and art enthusiast busy. In the recent years, China’s second biggest city has seen a real boom in the number of opened galleries that promote Chinese culture in the global marketplace but also introduce an array of international artists to Chinese audience. The galleries are as diverse as the cultural scene of Shanghai itself and encompass fine art and urban art galleries, spaces that reference the history of Cina and specialized photography venues. An array of intriguing thought-provoking exhibitions and unprecedented energy of its art venues have made Shanghai a must visit art destination on the global scale. If you are a fan of winter travels and are planning a trip to China make sure to visit this exceptional art-packed town. But even if you are not planning to visit Shanghai anytime soon scroll down to the end of our article and get yourself familiar with the best venues that the city has to offer.

So next time you happen to be in the region make sure to visit these vibrant Shanghai art venues, and discover the art gems they hold

Leo Xu Projects

Leo Xu Projects gallery is founded by Shanghai-based art expert and writer Leo Xu as an extension of his curatorial practice. The vibrant space in the heart of the former French Concession has featured an array of shows of the young Chinese artist working in a variety of media. The exhibitions at Leo Xu Projects gallery highlight the possibilities of new media and the 21st-century's complex sociopolitical climate. The gallery also supports off-site projects that often include individuals from all art genres including filmmakers, designers, and musicians.

Featured images : VENUS As A BOY at Leo Xu Project gallery ; Leo Xu Project gallery ; courtesy of Leo Xu Projects gallery

Pearl Lam

Pearl Lam galleries is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural exchange and blurring the boundaries between art genres. The gallery is deeply involved in establishing and cultivating a dialogue between Asian and Western art and promotes artists who challenge the predetermined perceptions of art from China and the surrounding area. Pearl Lam galleries has four different branches located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Featured image : Pearl Lam Shanghai space 1 courtesy of the Pearl Lam gallery

K11 Art Space

K011 Art Space opened its doors to public in March 2013. The gallery takes pride in its variety of teaching programs that motivate people to explore their artistic potential. Apart from art exhibitions the spacious venue also hosts various art forums, workshops and educational courses for both adults and children. Art enthusiast can turn to K11 Art Space for learning about art techniques and aesthetic anytime.

Featured imagee :K11 art space via official website

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