SI.C.( )L.A. > Sicily as Land Art at Photology

June 2, 2015

In the small Sicilian town of Noto, an ambitious project under the name of SI.C.( )L.A. > Sicilia Come Land Art will try to pay homage to the island’s rich history over the last 3,000 years. Filling up the space of Photology Gallery will be the works of Mario Cresci, Elia Festa, Andrea Jemolo, Anni Leppälä and Ettore Sottsass, with a special participatory project by Sebastian Krüger in form of the 2003 video titled Sicily, Island Of Eccentrics.

Photology Noto
Mario Cresci - D’après Retablo (Fertilia), 2012

SI.C.( )L.A. > Sicily as Land Art

The entire sea-surrounded territory of the Italian island of Sicily can be considered one great Land Art endeavor, whose creation process goes way back, to the ancient civilizations like the Phoenicians and the Greeks. Their existence has produced a significant number of “marks” left on the island’s soil, from pristine architecture to the installments of the modern man. Whether it’s the water conduits made by the Sicani or the works of art of recent production, these treasures made Sicily one of the most important places in the world, both historically and artistically. The five artists will offer personal views bound by this fact, through a series of images as testimonies of a great relationship between the man and the land.

Photology Noto
Anni Leppälä - Shadow field, 2011

Sicily: A History Through Photography

The 99 photographs-postcards that make part of a bigger picture - literally - were created by Elia Festa, under the common name of Questo ricordo lo vorrei raccontare (I’d like to tell the story of this memory). They capture the remains of the great Greek-Roman architecture throughout the entire Sicilian region. Mario Cresci, the celebrated Italian photographer, contributes with the D'après Retablo series which documents the way time has interfered with nature overtime. Exploring the areas of volcanos is Ettore Sottsass, with a series of black and white images created in Filicudi. Between Val di Noto and le Madonie, young Finnish photographer Anni Leppälä gave way to her own version of Alice in Wonderland, set in the wonderful coastal landscape. Finally, there is Andrea Jemolo, the photographer of art, whose images show the works of Ludovico Quaroni and Alberto Burri’s Cretto, a true monument of Land Art.

Photology Noto
Anni Leppälä - Relatives (yard of stones), 2011

SI.C.( )L.A. > Sicilia Come Land Art at Photology Noto

Participating indirectly will be artist Sebastian Krüger, whose film Sicily, Island Of Eccentrics talks about the artistry of another artist, Antonio Presti, through a number of different stories. In between millenniums, the Italian artist has significantly enriched the artistic scenery of Sicily by constructing two “art spaces” there: the Hotel Atelier, meant for installation works, and La Fiumara d’Arte, located beneath the Messina-Palermo highway and dedicated to the true sculptures of Land Art.

SI.C.( )L.A. > Sicily as Land Art will open on June 6th at Photology Gallery's new space in Noto, Sicily, Italy. The exhibition will run through July 30th, 2015. The opening is set for June 5th at 6pm.

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Featured images:
Eiia Festa - Questo ricordo lo vorrei raccontare, 2015, detail
All images courtesy of Photology Gallery