Enjoy the Mind-Boggling Sidewalk Art in Jerusalem

April 26, 2016

If you believed that Jerusalem art scene is traditional or conservative, and that the only sites you can visit in this beautiful city are “Holy Sites” of different religions, you were wrong. From Sunday, April 24, you can enjoy a stunning sidewalk art in Jerusalem – the part of the open street exhibition Perspectives. Thirteen brilliant 3D artworks are attracting passers and tourists providing them with amazing visual experience. You can feel as you were falling into a crater, fighting off a dinosaur, or climbing mountains – all these experiences provided with extraordinary artistic compositions. This great open street exhibition is taking place during Passover holiday, during which thousands of tourists come to Jerusalem to enjoy nice weather, free time, and of course, great art.

Sidewalk Art Jerusalem
Sidewalk Art in Jerusalem

Sidewalk Art in Jerusalem – Perspectives

Perspectives is an exhibition of thirteen 3-D artworks by international and Israeli artists along the streets of downtown Jerusalem (if you like 3D art, be sure to check out our article about 3D Street Art). The exhibition is part of a wider celebration of the Passover holiday taking place in this ancient city. Entitled Passover Downtown 2016, the series of events have been organized honoring Passover - the Jewish holiday of freedom (The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses). With street performers, 13 3-D sidewalk artworks, an opportunity to color the biggest mandala in the Middle East, free yoga classes, an outdoor market and more, downtown Jerusalem is definitely the perfect place to spend the coming days. The show is part of the Eden Company Project – a company that was established especially for the development of the Jerusalem city center. But, let’s get back to the 3D art exhibition. The most of the artworks have been completed. However, the artists will be hanging around their works throughout the days of the exhibition.

Sidewalk Art in Jerusalem

Participating Artists

Four artists have participated in this unique public art show - Eduardo Relero from Argentina, Yonatan Gal from Israel, Kurt Wenner from the USA and Francesca Arsi from Italy. Eduardo Relero is Argentinian artist who has been creating public art for years. You can see his works in the cities across the globe – from New York to Tokyo, from Rome to Mexico City. Yonatan Gal is an Israeli artist, born in 1965. He has worked as a painter and he has staged sets for theater productions and TV commercials. But, he has also been creating murals and public art. Kurt Wenner is an American artist most known for the invention of interactive 3D pavement art illusions. His work also includes large-scale oil paintings, ceramic murals, sculptures, decorations, 3D installations, and architectural designs for public and private clients in more than 30 countries. Finally, Francesca Arsi is an Italian artist. Active as street-artist since early 2014, she introduced a new spirit to the well-known Madonnara discipline in Florence, Assisi, Siena and all over the south of Italy and was invited to participate at street-art festivals in Toulon, Almere and Scheveningen. Yonatan Gal will give a master class at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art on April 27, at 5:30 pm.

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Featured Images: Sidewalk Art in Jerusalem. All Images via Jerusalem Post