Small Artworks For Your Big Collection!

September 12, 2019

While large art still holds center stage and stimulates interest by its sheer grandeur, the concept of smaller canvases is slowly gaining popularity among art lovers.  The miniature has always been an important part of contemporary art. No matter the medium, the reduced dimensions of the artwork put new constraints on the artist, forcing them to develop their techniques and artistic finesse. This genre is intimate, inviting you to get close to appreciate all skill and detail that went into creating them, easy displayable and portable.

We have compiled a selection of small format works, all smaller than 50 x 50 cm, which would be a great addition to your collection!

Featured image: Richard Caldicott - Untitled, 2014 (Id.383) (detail), 2014. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Jane Avril

A celebrated Impressionist artist, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was the artist who best portrayed the wildness and strangeness of Parisian brothels and cabarets. His favorite subjects were dancers and prostitutes, whom he depicted with honesty and beauty embracing the richness of unique human personalities. Sometimes he would move into a brothel for days or months, observing and recording the prostitute’s day to day life.

In this work, de Toulouse-Lautrec depicted Jane Avril, a can-can dancer and the artist's lifelong friend who commissioned this print to advertise her cabaret show at the Jardin de Paris in 1893. The piece embodies the ebullient, frenetic spirit of the nightlife in fin-de-siècle Paris.

See more info about the work here.

Marie Louise Sorbac - Macho

A sculptor born in Buenos Aires and based in Paris, Marie Louise Sorbac is known for works portraying characters, human and animal, whose presence either challenges or reassures. Highly contrasted in appearance, creating fullness and emptiness, curves and metallic structure, irradiating warm light and shadows, these works combine the purity of lines with the smooth fluidity of noble materials.

The work Macho is a depiction of a bull, a modern but primitive sculpture that crystalizes the frontal power of the beast.

See more info about the work here.

Richard Caldicott - Untitled, 2014 (Id.383)

The British artist Richard Caldicott is known for pushing the boundaries of photography by creating abstract compositions. Through a completely new and fresh use of mundane consumer products, he creates stunning works imbued with colors and geometric forms. Using the most traditional techniques, the artist managed to created something completely new and transform his medium.

Caldicott has always had a habit of working serially. Created in the minimal esthetic with only one or two lines, the piece Untitled, 2014 (Id.383) is characterized by pastel tones, softened colors, and formal composition, generating a feeling of austerity and sophistication.

See more info about the work here.

KAWS - Small Lie (Grey)

An artist straddling high art, pop culture and his own signature style, KAWS has been experiencing the meteoric rise in the past few years. Drawing his inspiration from the popular culture iconography, KAWS has developed a unique style which blurs the lines between fine arts, illustration, and commercials.

The sculpture Small Lie depicts the COMPANION, the artist’s most iconic creation and the Mickey Mouse-inspired character with signature skull-and-crossbones head, crossed eyes and white gloves.

See more info about the work here.

Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe with Striped Scarf (triptych)

One of the legendary figures in contemporary photography, Bert Stern is known highly stylized, black and white images of Hollywood actresses are classics, depicting the golden age of film industry and advertising. Stern personified the commercial photographer as a cultural hero in the 1960s, becoming the American prototype of the fashion photographer as a media star.

This triptych is a provocative portrait of Marilyn Monroe, posing nude covered only by a transparent striped scarf.

See more info about the work here.

Val Kilmer - Jim Morrison, Lizard King

You may know Val Kilmer as a brilliant Hollywood actor, but he is also an accomplished artist. A true renaissance man channeling his creativity into making art, he creates work diverse and prolific, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and photo collage.

Here, Kilmer artist painted a portrait of Jim Morrison, referencing the playwright about the musician by Jay Jeffrey Jones titled The Lizard King.

See more info about the work here.

Niki de Saint Phalle - Snake lady vase

A French sculptor, painter and filmmaker, Niki de Saint Phalle is renowned for her large sculptures of voluptuous females. Colorful, patterned, and crafted in a variety of shapes and sizes, these female figures, known as Nanas, celebrate the artist's own feminist spirit. At the same time, these pieces hold darker secrets that reflect the acceptance of one’s body and anxieties of being a woman.

A bold, jubilant, and cartoonish feminine form, Snake lady vase explores the complex and confounding ways in which culture and biology co-construct the female experience.

See more info about the work here.

Sophie Calle - Gisants

A notoriously controversial figure of the European scene and one of France's leading conceptual artists to date, Sophie Calle explores personal relationships, investigating both psychological and emotional terrains of all of us. All of her artworks seek to provoke a strong emotional reaction in the viewer, as well as to probe the ideas of control, vulnerability, freedom, gender, intimacy and distance in human relationships.

Titled Gisants, this color photograph from 2018 is framed in a wooden frame, accompanied by an embroidered woolen cloth.

See more info about the work here.

Serge Najjar - Blue Escape

A Lebanese self-taught photographer, Serge Najjar has an intuitive approach to photography, deriving from his passion for modern and contemporary art. His pictures place the viewer within a world where reality and fantasymeet, capturing the passing of time.

In the work Blue Escape, the artist demonstrates the manifold geometric potential of the city. It empathizes people's interaction with materials and their correlation with the history of modern art and geometric abstraction, examining the interrelationship between painting and photography.

See more info about the work here.

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