Visiting the Solo Shows of Urvanity Art 2019

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March 1, 2019

Urvanity Art opened its doors for the third time, presenting new languages of New Contemporary Art. This year, the fair inaugurates a new section dedicated to solo shows by selected artists. The section aims to put a spotlight on both emerging and more renowned artists, who for the quality and complexity of their work, deserve to be presented to the public in a more complete way to the public.

In collaboration with IQOS, the fair has prepared solo shows by Sam3, Jan Kaláb, Miss Van, and Dan Witz, as well as the Special Project by Okuda San Miguel, with unreleased works by the artist.

Featured image: Jan Kaláb. All images © Widewalls.

Okuda San Miguel by IQOS

The Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel has created a vibrant universe characterized by psychedelic colors and geometric patterns. Using distinctive qualities and contrasts, he deals with complex subjects such as existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism.

Titled The Rainbow Mountains, his show at Urvanity Art combines some of his recurring themes, such as the relationship between man and nature, liberty and metamorphosis, with the ideas of his recent works, such as idyllic places, mutant creatures, and dystopias. The show encompasses the entire Okuda universe, featuring everything from painting to sculptures to embroidery.


A Spanish urban artist, Sam3 is best known for producing shadows and silhouettes in urban surroundings. Often monochromatic, focused on the human figure, his works are sometimes ironic, other times poetic, always thought-provoking. While being faithful to the clandestine and anti-system nature of the new urban art, he also creates amazing studio works.

Brought by Doppelgaenger gallery from Bari, his solo show at Urvanity Art features monochrome pieces dominated by the blue color.

Miss Van

One of the most renowned female urban artists, Miss Van is celebrated for her sultry female characters imbued with a timeless quality. These female figures reappear in sensual yet dark animal masks and evolving environments, carrying a surreal quality of burlesque, but also a beautiful synergy of rawness, softness and emotion.

Brought by Fousion Gallery, her solo show at Urvanity Art brings portraits of strong female characters, characterized by increased depth, emotion and elevated romantic darkness and delicacy.

Jan Kalab

One of the most important artists of international geometric and urban abstractionism, the Czech-born artist Jan Kaláb explores infinite variations in geometry, depth, time and motion. He expresses his own language through a perfect balance between shapes and minimalism, capable of generating amazing effects of depth and dynamism.

Brought by MAGMA Gallery, his solo show features his unique abstraction which conveys organic imperfection.

Dan Witz

One of the major pioneers of Urban Art, Dan Witz went from graffitiing the streets to making photorealistic paintings of mosh pits. Witz masterfully uses light and shadow in his works to create atmospheric sceneries. His art is concerned with the social changes of his time.

Brought by Wunderkammern Rome/Milan, his solo show features stunning hyperrealist paintings depicting people in war-like motion.

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