South Etna Montauk

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August 24, 2020

On the easternmost tip of Long Island, at 6 South Etna Avenue in Montauk, there is a brand new art space for a change - but its owners are more than experienced in the world of art. South Etna Montauk is the brainchild of the power couple consisting of Amalia Dayan, who co-runs Luxembourg & Dayan, and her husband Adam Lindemann, who operates Venus Over Manhattan. Conceived as a separate entity from their respective galleries, it is located in a Tudor cottage.

Inaugurating South Etna Montauk on July 17 was Painting is Painting’s Favorite Food: Art History as Muse, an exhibition curated by Alison Gingeras. You can read more on the show here.

Featured image: Exterior view of South Etna Montauk, featuring hand-painted sign by Julian Schnabel. Courtesy the artist and South Etna Montauk.