October 23, 2013

Oct.23.2013 - Paris is the European art destination number one. This is generally the case, but at the moment even more so. Considering the FIAC and numerous exhibitions taking place this week. This means the contemporary art world is streaming into Paris and maybe that is why our favorite anonymous French street artist Space Invader chose to Centre Pompidou as the location for his newest piece. In close proximity to the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Pierre Huyghe, and some Frida Kahlo’s the Space Invader placed another 80’s icon. Following Darth Vader, Spiderman and the Pink Panther is Donkey Kong. The mosaic villain from the Nintendo game is now sitting atop a large chimney in the fourth arrondissement. A couple of years back, when he placed two mosaics on the other chimneys, the Space Invader is supposed to have said that he would one day come back to this site to invade the third. Well if this true, the Space Invader has once again kept word, chapeau.

Space Invader - Donkey Kong

Space Invader - Donkey Kong
Space Invader - Donkey Kong mosaic on chimney in Paris

Space Invader - Donkey Kong
Space Invader - Donkey Kong mosaic in Paris

Las Vegas has two things in common with Paris, the Eiffel tower and a mural by D*Face. British street artist D*Face was invited by Life is Beautiful festival to make the at-day-not-so-beautiful Las Vegas, a little more beautiful. D*Face participated in the Rise Above event with fellow street artists Ben Eine, Vhils and Alex Diaz. D*Face set out to create a large mural at 222 North 7th Street, only a couple blocks away from the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The mural, he just recently finished, is titled “I Gave Her My Heart And She Left Me For...”. It’s a D*Face “Lichtenstein” signature piece of a pop-art man with half-a-skull face sulking over an empty glass. What he*s thinking in this moment you might ask, well I’ll tell: I gave my heart to her and she left me.


D*Face mural
D*Face mural in the making

D*Face mural
D*Face mural for Life is Beautiful Festival

Pictures retrieved from: streetartnews

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