10 Must-See Booths at SPECTRUM Miami

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November 28, 2015

Miami Art Week is approaching. With so many great venues to visit in such a short period of time, you must be in a great dilemma where to go and what to see first. The celebrated contemporary art show Spectrum Miami, taking place at Miami’s Performing Arts District from 2nd through 6th December, will bring together 160 artists, galleries, and publishers, celebrating the very best of contemporary art production. If you truly appreciate contemporary art and want to see the works of the world’s most exciting emerging and established artists from the US and abroad, you’ll be sure not to miss this event. Spanning various mediums and movements, Spectrum Miami offers a rich selection of artworks and an array of interesting accompanying programs and special events. The list of exhibitors is impressive, yet there are some booths that, in our opinion, are a must-see.

Scroll down and check out our choice of Spectrum Miami booths definitely worth seeing!

James Paterson

Along with previously mentioned Max Zorn, James Paterson is another of Spectrum Miami Spotlight artists who will exhibit his works on his own. The works of James Paterson are whimsical little machines, made from simple combinations of wires. Paterson likes to call his inventions the Prayer Machines, the title referring to his way of exploring the world’s mysteries and expressing love to God. Like some surreal toys, his interactive machines invite to be played with and they are definitely worth seeing if you are among the fair visitors.

Booth S1121

Featured image: James Paterson - Imagination Is My Carnival of Prayer

Anna Voloshko

This year Art Business News listed the Ukrainian sculptor Anna Voloshko as one of the forty best contemporary artists. Doing her own molding and casting, she creates magnificent bronze sculptures that will leave any three-dimensional art enthusiast in an awe. Her sculptures are humorous and grotesque, an odd mixture of reality and fantasy. If you enjoy sculptural work make sure you visit Anna Voloshko’s booth.

Booth S1003

Featured image: Anna Voloshko – Metamorphosis

John Andro Avendano

Washington-based artist John Andro Avendaño is certainly a familiar name. During his career, he became widely known for his large commission sculptures, perhaps the most notable being Alegria at San Fernando Metrolink Station and Three Dancing Figures in San Francisco. He also works in other mediums like oil painting and drawing. For the past decade, he has put his painting work on hold while raising his child, and now he is returning to his canvases, some of which will be on view at the show for visitors to enjoy. Avendaño is also one of the participants in the ArtSpot International.

Booth 217

Featured image: John Andro Avendaño - The Brothel

Timmy Sneaks

A celebration of pop art will await the visitors of Spectrum Miami at Timmy Sneaks booth. Somewhere between KAWS and Warhol, Basquiat and David Choe the work of the American artist Timmy Sneaks is an incredible spectacle of pop art imagery. Colorful collages, familiar consumerist products, famous brands, superheroes, celebrities, everything pop art has tackled in the past wrapped up together in brand new artworks. The paintings of Timmy Sneaks are a must-see for those who are looking for some fresh views on popular culture.

Booth 217

Featured image: Timmy Sneaks - Live Your Dreams

Sonali Kukreja

For those who are more into abstract art, Spectrum Miami certainly has a lot to offer. One of the interesting emerging talents is Sonali Kukreja, Indian-born psychologist who unexpectedly became an artist. And a good thing she did, because her paintings are astonishing. You know how Rothko insisted on paintings that communicate emotions. Well, that is the exact thing Sonali Kukreja does, evokes a range of human feelings and emotions, transferring to canvas what she knows about the human psyche.

Rising Artist booth 804 | 903

Featured image: Sonali Kukreja - Free Spirit

David Hart Studios

David Hart Studios will bring the art of the Australian painter David Hart. He can be best described as an action painter, but not all of his works are pure abstractionism. Perhaps his best-known series are his Flower Studies. Exhibiting all around the country, Hart quickly raised to prominence becoming an influential name on the Australian contemporary art scene. And he is quite popular among the collectors. Let’s just mention Donald Trump’s collection and celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Marcia Hynes who are fans of his work.

Booth 504

Featured image: David Hart – Energy

Originale Art + Design

Originale Art + Design is an international group of artists based in Potomac, US. It is their belief that art improves the quality of life and they act accordingly, merging fine art expression with designer products. They are also interested in experimentations with different materials. Three female artists make this group and you can check out their works at the show. The artists are Graciela Montich, Alexandra Arata, and Ana Giovinazzo.

Booth 502

Graciela Montich - Mini dresses Series light blue orchids

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Featured image: Show de Bola - SPECTRUM Miami. All images courtesy of Spectrum Miami and Redwood Media Group