Spring Awakening: 10 Inspirational Murals

March 24, 2015

Spring is the time when everything blossoms again, and when life returns to its splendid colors. The sun starts shining, and good mood overwhelms all. The spring awakening has inspired artists since the dawn of time - from the earliest drawings of flowers, to the Impressionism and the wonderful colors of lawns, fields and trees, to street art, where the walls get covered and awaken by so many inspirational murals. With so many diverse and talented artists out there, it is marvelous to witness all the wonderful interpretations of spring and everything that comes with it: flowers, birds, trees. No matter the style and choice of colors, these inspirational murals come as a message or a simple form of expression. They remind us of a beautiful new start ahead of us and invite us to enjoy the spring awakening with them.

Enjoy these 10 Spring-Inspired Artworks


Although he usually paints cartoonish characters, sometimes an element of nature winds up under the painting brush of the British street artist Sickboy. In this particular case, it’s a tree, turned into an inspirational mural to mark spring awakening. Immersed in colors and different objects and symbols, like a house, a computer mouse and a smiley face, Sickboy’s tree is a happy one, enjoying its existence while it shakes off its colorful leaves in excitement. Recently, we had a chance to speak to Sickboy and pick his brains about the art he makes - check it out!

Image via Widewalls Pinterest

SAM3’s Whispering Branches

SAM3 is a Spanish artist known for his black silhouette murals. Against a bright background, they catch your attention almost immediately, especially when they’re detailed. He too painted trees - two pairs of trees, actually, that have just woken up from winter sleep and are ready to enjoy spring and their love. They are composed of branches and leaves and they communicate through birds, feeding each other life. The beautiful lining of SAM3’s inspirational mural is simply captivating and poetic, just like the spring awakening itself.

Featured image: Sam3 - park. Image via kulturologia.ru

Pejac and The Shadow of the Spring

Another Spanish artist inspired by nature in spring is Pejac, whose inspirational murals combine fantasy and surrealism in a combination of black and colored elements. His work is minimalistic, but says a lot. The mural we chose for this spring awakening selection shows a boy painting the extensions to a tree, giving it life it had lost in the autumn. Pejac is known for his subtle, yet powerful works which usually tackle topics of poetry, peace and freedom. They merge with their environment and adopt its elements as their own, attributing them a whole new meaning.

Image via Widewalls Pinterest


Speaking of merging with nature (and spring awakening), there’s the Colombian street artist Stinkfish who doesn’t paint trees, but they’re part of his inspirational murals nevertheless. How? They’re actual trees! Known for painting faces in the inhabited parts of Bogota and on damaged buildings, Stinkfish found a tree that fit perfectly as the hair of one of his portraits. Although their face is serious, their “hair” breathes life and bursts in health. If you’re interested in the work of the artist of an interesting nickname, you should know that he also works under the aliases of El Hate, Quetzal, Qkul, Gukumatz and Knits.

Image via Widewalls Pinterest


When spring comes, it makes us feel better and we want to go out and share our moments with other people. Sharing is also the topic around a mural by Curiot, a Mexican painter and street artist whose real name is Favio Martinez. His art is inspired by various Mexican traditions, which are reflected through geometric designs and the mythical half-animal half-human figures and scenes. As part of our selected inspirational murals, Curiot’s colorful characters seem to be enjoying a little exchange of natural goods, living in harmony and freedom.

Image via Widewalls Pinterest

Collin Van Der Sluij’s Eruption of Color

If we were to define spring awakening, this would be it - a wonderful explosion of colors, where flowers show off all their beautiful features and simply enjoy the self-inflicted eruption of happiness. This is the work of Collin van der Sluijs, a Dutch illustrator, artist and gallery owner. He describes his own work as “personal pleasures and struggles in daily life, translated in his own visual language". Thus, his art often depicts fantasy scenery and characters, involving animals and bright colors. Much of Collin Van Der Sluij’s has been published in magazines.

Image courtesy of CollinVanDerSluijs.com


A massive mural of a boy writing in his notebook, out of which big red flowers grow, is the work of two brothers from Iran, Icy and Sot, who have been living in the US for only two years. Nevertheless, they managed to develop an impressive portfolio of inspirational murals inspired by their heritage, history, homeland and the fact that they’re not able to ever go back and see their family. The duo has always stood out in the Iranian street art scene, because their art always spoke about current political and social issues fearlessly.

Featured image: Icy and Sot - Flower Power. Image via npr.org

Bambi and an Elvis and a Bambi

When an Elvis Presley shows up on a wall holding flowers, you can’t say no. It's spring awakening. And he’s got a bambi too! Probably serving as a signature for Bambi the artist, an anonymous street and stencil female. While she is often described as Banksy’s female counterpart, she has managed to build a recognizable scene of her own, ruled by irony and “masculine” style, but depicting inspirational murals of feminism, street and popular culture. To make it all more intriguing and mysterious, rumor has it Bambi is actually a famous female singer, and the names have narrowed down to either M.I.A. or Paloma Faith…

Image via Widewalls Pinterest


On the other hand, the male counterpart of Bambi - Banksy - well, everyone knows him. As it often happens, he paints everywhere and causes controversy while doing it too, but everybody forgives him. He is Banksy after all. We love his sensibility and works that combine elements of popular culture in a witty and playful way that is hard to forget. For our selection of inspirational murals, we chose his 2007 Yellow Flower, born from the street’s traffic lines and painted by your regular worker who is taking a rest right next to it, wondering what the hell you’re looking at.

Featured image via complex.com

Shepard Fairey’s Peace Plea

Last, but not least of our inspirational murals which mark the spring awakening is Shepard Fairey’s M16 vs AK47, a mural of two guns joint together by two flowers in peace. The outspoken American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist and illustrator is perhaps best known for his Hope image of Barack Obama, used in his 2008 presidential campaign. Shepard Fairey is one of today's best known and most influential street artists, and his work is a perfect way to end our little quest to celebrate this year’s spring awakening.

Featured image via tangaloo.

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