Let Your Home Blossom With These Spring-Inspired Artworks!

March 20, 2020

Not surprisingly, springtime is most often the most favorite season by many people. It is always welcome with great joy since it marks the awakening of nature after a long winter and brings cheerful colors with blooming landscapes.

Although times are hard on a global scale during the horrid coronavirus, we selected ten exceptional artworks inspired by the spring and its beginning on March 20 that you can revive your homes and cheer you even a little bit.

Featured image: David Hockney - The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Jack Brusca - Springtime

Painter Jack Brusca was known for his authentic style based on the theatrical mixture of surrealism, pop, and hard-edge neo-realism. Brusca usually worked with an airbrush in acrylic paint, and besides painting, he was also active in graphic, costume, and jewelry design.

Springtime is a beautiful depiction of a bird departing on a blossomed branch made by Brusca in 1978.

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Alexander Rees - Spring in Riverdale

This romantic landscape was made by the musician and painter Alexander Rees. Known primarily for his achievements as a conductor, soloist and chamber musician, he kept his passion towards visual art for a long time in private, and his works were to be seen only in private collections. However, in 2003 Rees published his first art book and ever since he has regularly exhibited in galleries. The artist is focused on the varying images of landscapes and cityscapes through the seasons.

Spring in Riverdale is an oil on canvas centered on the dazzling spring bushes.

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Lorne Wagman - Spring Weeds

Canadian landscape artist Lorne Wagman is inspired by the countryside nearby Toronto, where he was born and grew up. Starting from the early 1970s, his entire career is devoted to the exploration of landscape as a genre that has a history of its own.

Spring Weeds is oil on wood mounted canvas and was made by Wagman in 2009.

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David Hockney - The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate East Yorkshire

Coming up is the painting by the leading UK Pop artist and one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, David Hockney. Celebrated for his highly modern pool paintings, as well as private portraits of his parents, close friends, and hip celebrities, this notable figure created an impeccable body of work saturated with humor, camp, and experimentation.

Although a plain landscape, the painting The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate East Yorkshire nicely presents Hockney’s signature style characterized by vibrant colors and graphic forms.

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Shan Re - Eternal Spring

Shan Re is an artist described as a contemporary modernist; an artistic figure devoted to fundraiser art shows and auctions saluted for her spontaneous live painting performances. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for Re, so her mesmerizing landscapes are infused with the dense palette and expressive brush strokes.

Eternal Spring is acrylic on Canvas painted by Re in 2017.

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Jeanne Wilkinson - Spring Symmetry

This artwork was made by an artist and writer Jeanne Wilkinson. Her work is based on the specific process of digital collaging and animations, while her inspiration comes from the colors and dynamic forms of nature. Wilkinson creates bewildering dreamscapes that are both figurative and abstract.

Spring Symmetry is a surrealistic depiction of a sort of a plant divinity that was made by the artist in 2019.

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April Gornik - Spring Light and Still Water

April Gornik is an American artist known for her outstanding, dreamlike paintings and drawings of land, sky, and sea through which she explores the American relationship with nature. Her majestic and often contemplative works evoke both the past and present, stillness and the atmospheric changes and are therefore related to contemporaneity. Although she is not an environmental artist, Gornik is a devoted supporter of environmental causes.

Spring Light and Still Water is a beautiful yellowish composition of a forest bathed in spring light.

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Deborah Claxton - Dogwood

This captivating artwork was made by the artist Deborah Claxton who is well known for her astonishing paper paintings made of meticulously cut and attached colored pieces of paper onto a canvas. By drawing a map with hundreds of designated numbered points of color, she developed a collaging method of constructing the composition.

Dogwood is a cropped image of a blossomed branch made by Claxton in 2001.

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Gina Werfel - Spring

Gina Werfel is a respected American painter with international acclaim. By experimenting with acrylics, oils, and spray paint, she creates multilayered compositions that reflect the artist’s apparent fascination with the heritage of Abstract Expressionism, especially the works by Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler.

Spring is acrylic and mixed media on paper was made by Werfel in 2016.

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Gunter Damisch - WeissfeldweltenInnererfruhling

The last spring-inspired artwork on our top list was made by Gunter Damisch, an Austrian artist whose painterly practice is profoundly influenced by the ideas of transformation and metamorphosis. His lush paintings of rhizome-like forms and undulating lines reminiscent of microscopic images fascinate the viewer while tackling the questions about the origin of species and the notion of life.

WeissfeldweltenInnererfruhling (WhitefieldworldsinnerSpring) is oil on canvas made by Damisch in between 2000 and 2001.

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