Steph Cop Explores Asymmetrical Values in Art

November 4, 2016

At the end of October in Marrakesh, David Bloch Gallery presented Steph.Cop and his new exhibition Asymmetria. The works exhibited Cop’s second solo show includes sculptures from two series ARO (Obsessive Reflex Analysis): the Copelini ARO and the Asymmetria ARO, which is exclusive new serie of works. Meanwhile, the city of Marakesh is getting ready to host COP22 in the exciting residence program. Curator David Bloch emphasizes the importance of the show in following words "Steph Cop and his work - "total and complete artist" whose commitment and convictions are without compromise for almost 10 years. The show "Asymmetria" is a real turning point in the evolution of the artist's work, the asymmetry has been treated extensively - he had already moved in that direction the past two years episodically."

Steph.Cop - Asymmetria -David Bloch Gallery, 2016
Steph.Cop - Asymmetria -David Bloch Gallery, 2016

Chainsaw Poetry of Steph.Cop

Steph Cop is a sculptor with the strong roots in the French Street Art Movement. The transformation from the field of graffiti art to the wooden sculpture, within the artwork of Steph.Cop is truly amazing, since the shift from the city streets to various natural environment is conducted smooth and logically. With the wooden collections Steph Cop has participated in numerous group shows across France, with the two notable solo shows – Neurogamie from 2012 at the David Bloch Gallery and Characters from 2014 at the Percept Gallery in Lyon.

The very process of artistic practice, while artist trim pieces with the heavy chainsaw, introduces us to a rendering delicate poetry from the strong and monumental wood blocks. On his artwork, Cop stated: "I am sculpting into dead trees, naturally fallen. I am collecting tens of these trees to build the colossal 8.0 sculpture. Blending wood and metal in an assembly of immoderation, is not only a new exercise but looking for a way to confront wood with an opposite material: metal, across many studies".

This encounter between machine, man and nature is a complex method of liberating the sculpture from the rough materials, by opening its core to the eye of the viewer. As the wooden sculpture needs time to mature, ARO reflects the time-specific act of creation, trying to keep up with ambivalent emotion of the artist and breaking point in the tree memory that reached centuries. Discrepance between the natural and artistic creations is the gap which renders the emotion and contemplation.

Left: Steph.Cop- ETUDE1, 2016 / Center: Steph.Cop - 8ex, 2016 / Right: Steph.Cop - Sculpture Chene, 2016

Generations of Assimetry

The first collection called the Copelini ARO is the praise of the tree verticality or rather its artistic reflection. The logical step beyond the mimesis of the nature is the poetry of the second generation where art practice brings the exploration within the abstracts sculpture. Like in the mirror of the first collection, the Asymmetria ARO went further in asymmetrical abstractions and metal insertions, allowing the artist to imagine a project of a giant 315 inches outdoor sculpture in Moroccan desert. Within the second generation ARO find it explanation in a volume, the confrontation between the full and empty, with a complex visual research in several steps, along with studies and sketches. Thus, the tree sagittal section is the beginning of the explanatory work, and the natural appeared once again in the context of art. Here is a few words on Asymmetria series, from its author "« Asymmetria » is a fifteen volumes deconstruction which brings us to the main subject : the tree. It is not only about nature, but how experiencing a total symbiosis with the ‘alive immobile’, how putting the tree in the center of questioning on the future, without making an ecologic subject about it. « Asymmetria » is a kind of sensorial experience, a sculpted arboretum, to look at untill November 20th at the David Bloch Gallery". 

Steph.Cop - Asymmetria -David Bloch Gallery, 2016 interior 3
Steph.Cop - Asymmetria -David Bloch Gallery, 2016 interior detail

Asymmetria at the David Bloch Gallery

Steph.Cop has been artist in residence at Marrakesh for the past six weeks and the exhibition Asymmetria is the perfect continuation of the processes of research and works. The results are fascinating step forward with a unique approach to the wood sculptures. For the second time David Bloch Gallery hosts the talented sculptor and the show runs from 21th October until 20th November 2016 at 8 bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis Guéliz, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco. This show is absolutely not to be missed if you happen to be in the country.

Featured images: Steph.Cop - Asymmetria - David Bloch Gallery, 2016 details of the exhibiting space. All images courtesy of the artist.

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