We Wish You A Merry Street Art Christmas

December 25, 2019

Street art decorates walls, subways, and trains all around the world, reflecting on different aspects of the society we live in.

The holiday season provides a unique source of inspiration, as many artists create Street Art Christmas pieces to spread their message and joy far.

Created all around the globe, these pieces range from tagging and graffiti to elaborate murals, all touching upon different aspects of the holiday season. While some portray a festive atmosphere and bring holiday cheer with Christmas related imagery and greetings, others tend to reflect political and social aspects of the holiday.

The Christmas time is back and we have picked some of the coolest walls, with Santa or Christmas related content for you to enjoy. This list brings together festive pieces from a variety of renowned international street artists created all around the globe.

Hohoho, Merry Street Art Christmas!

Featured images: Pichi & Avo in Valencia; KAS in Belgium; El Bocho in Berlin; ChemiS in Prague (detail). All images used for illustrative purposes only.

Banksy in Bethlehem

Do you remember Banksy's Walled Off Hotel? Yeah, we do too. Although strictly speaking this is not a street art piece, it was indeed made by the most famous street artist in the world, and it does have to do with Christmas.

At the hotel in Bethlehem, Banksy revealed his latest take on the Nativity scene, this time featuring a bullet hole in the wall separating Israel and Palestine while Jesus is born right underneath it. The bullet hole can also be perceived as the mistletoe, if you will. The work is titled Scar of Bethlehem.

Featured image via Banksy's Instagram.

Banksy in Birmingham

Even though it was defaced shortly after it was made, this Banksy piece in Birmingham, UK made headlines just in time for Christmas. A comment on homelessness, it features a video of a man on a bench, while two stenciled reindeers are about to “pull him away”.

On Instagram, the artist commented:

God bless Birmingham. In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars and a lighter - without him ever asking for anything.

Featured image via Banksy's Instagram.

Bordalo II in Portugal

Bordalo II is a Lisbon-born artist known for his figurative pieces full of vivacity and movement, presenting his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. 

One of his famous series is created in mixed media, presenting collages created from garbage. For him, it is both a way to recycle and criticize the contemporary society.

To celebrate Christmas, the artists created a unique site-specific installation where he redecorated a dumpster to look like a holiday gift.

Featured image: Bordalo II in Portugal, via blog.artsper.com

WD in Athens

This is another 2011 piece that captures the horrors of austerity measures imposed on the people of Greece.

It was created by the street artist WD aka Wild Drawing, an artist from Bali, Indonesia known for his highly detailed photorealistic technique, influenced by comics and graphic novels.

Featured image: WD in Athens, via okeannews.fr

Bleeps in Athens

Bleeps.gr or Bleeps is the pseudonym used by a Greek artist and his crew known for political street art murals, paintings and installations.

Using a combined technique, Bleeps creates pieces that are often aligned with activism.

In 2011, the artist created a mural that depicts the humiliation and pain of austerity. The piece entitled NAK€D CHRISTMAS perfectly captures the social crisis where the majority of Greeks were unable to exchange gifts nor greetings.

Featured image: Bleeps in Athens, via isupportstreetart.com

El Bocho in Berlin

Unquestionably one of the most distinguishable urban artists currently based in Germany, El Bocho is known for both dark and positive imagery.

He mostly works with paste-ups which are acknowledged for their scale and quality but has also been known to work with stencils and standard graffiti. 

In 2015, he created a Christmas-themed piece that depicts one of his unique characters dressed up in Santa’s outfit and surrounded by presents and a tree.

Featured image: El Bocho in Berlin, via kielarowski.net

KAS in Belgium

The Christmas is usually that time of the year when we tend to spend much more money than usual.

On a wall in Belgium, the Portuguese self-taught street artist KAS has created a simple, yet clever stencil piece entitled IConsumerism, capturing the consumerist character of holidays.

Featured image: KAS in Belgium, via bookastreetartist.com

VladyArt in Italy

A multidisciplinary visual artist from Italy, VladyArt has created more than 500 works ranging from huge outdoor intervention to minimal installation, from street performance to conceptual text or surrealistic video.

He is known for his spontaneous, witty, critical approach and his ceaseless production of ideas that comment on a contemporary society.

In 2013, VladyArt created a unique Christmas installation where he turned a street sign into an urban Christmas tree with gifts.

Featured image: Vlady Art in Italy, via vladyart.com

Pichi & Avo in Valencia

A renowned graffiti duo from Spain, Pichi & Avo are known for the spectacular explosion of fresh colors and impressions and breathtaking figurative detail and quality.

In 2014, the duo created a stunning Christmas mural in Valencia inspired by the graffiti of the famous movie cover called Wild Style and Dionysos, the Greek god of wine. This mural is indeed party-perfect for the holidays.

Featured image: PichiAvo in Valencia, via bt.se

ChemiS in Prague

Originally from Kazakhstan, the street artist ChemiS likes to visit new places and experiment with spray cans. His works are known in Czech as well as in Europe. 

Finding inspiration in the famous TV show Breaking Bad, ChemiS created a unique and clever mural in Prague in December 2015. The piece depicts Walter White Crystmeth and Jesse The Little Helper Pinkman offering biscuits.

Featured image: ChemiS in Prague, via chemisland.com

Sky High in Croydon

A stunning new festive mural graces a hoarding in central Croydon in London, around the site which was home to Taberner House before it was demolished.

A collaborative piece organized by the street artist Sky High, the pieces portrays a snowy scene with a mischievous elf and a number of snowmen in the middle of a snowball fight.

Featured image: Sky High in Croydon, via pinterest.com

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