Street Artist Hanksy Invades an Old Mansion in LA

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October 6, 2015

Do you remember when, in January 2014 and for one night only, a New York City artist known as Hanksy turned an abandoned East Village building into a proper exhibition, featuring the works of over thirty international artists? Or when, in October 2014, he launched a webseries dedicated to street art scenes in cities like Detroit, Montreal and Philadelphia? Or when, in March 2015 he organised another short-lasting show in an abandoned bank on the Lower East Side? Well, if you liked all that, you’re gonna love this too, because now, the Surplus Candy saga will continue, this time on the West Coast, where an old LA mansion will get revamped, Hanksy style.

Hanksy Pops Up in Los Angeles

Keeping the name Surplus Candy, Hanksy chose Los Angeles to be his next destination for a pop-up show. Although we don’t know the exact location of the exhibition just yet - as it is, of course, all part of the secret and intriguing game that Hanksy likes to play by tradition - what we do know is that, in the next few days, he will be “bringing together 50+ artists”, according to a post on his Instagram profile. The exhibition will open on October 10th for that one night only and, in order to attend this top secret event, you should make sure you follow #surpluscandy and Hanksy's profiles on Instagram and Twitter, as he will unveil the location on October 10th at 4pm local time (PST) there.

Hanksy Surplus Candy Webseries Trailer Video

Surplus Candy LA - Blink And You’ll Miss It

This ”hyper-transitory event” will take place at an empty, massive, over century old historic mansion which apparently fascinated Hanksy as the perfect location for the numerous artworks that will be painted there until the opening. The artist also claims it to be ”a perfect metaphor for Hollywood” - pretty on the outside, but a disaster on the inside. We can safely expect a lot of big names at the show, as the 2014 edition brought along artists like Gilf!, Icy and Sot, SKI and many more, and pretty much the same bunch made the appearance at the Best of the Worst exhibition this winter. What we could also expect is a lot of irony, pop culture mash-ups, murals, graffiti pieces, tags, stickers, interactive games, a DJ set, maybe a photo booth - who knows? But if you do end up there, make sure you take a good look, because it’s all going to be destroyed afterwards.

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