The Street Artist Seth Brings his Magic to Rome

July 7, 2016

The colourful, pensive characters of street artist Seth are coming to Rome on a very special occasion. The capital’s 999Contemporary, in collaboration with Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale, is starting a promising new project in form of artists residencies that will invite international artists to express themselves inside the splendid Teatro India, as part of this new contemporary urban art research. For the talented French creative, the experience will culminate in a presentation about which not much was revealed; but what we do know is that the visitors will have one evening only to see his creations at the theater in Rome’s Ostiense district and to meet the artist himself.

artist Seth
Seth painting inside Teatro India, Rome 2016

The 999FOUNDATION Artist Resistance Residency

The Italian capital of Rome was surely never short of culture, but this latest project developed by its respectable urban art gallery and the city’s theater promises a new perspective on this form of contemporary art altogether. Entitled The 999FOUNDATION Artist Resistance Residency, the project aims to host a number of established artists, such as Seth, Horfee, Brad Downey and Moneyless, to let their creativity run wild within the walls of one of the most beautiful facilities of the industrial archeology - the Teatro India, located inside an old soap factory. Providing these individuals with a peculiar space, a budget and no restrictions whatsoever, the artist residency project has a goal to present the results of their residency with a final presentation of an artwork, which could come as an exhibition, a book, an installation or nothing at all, if that’s what the artist prefers. For Seth, it turned out to be something unexpected.

artist seth
Seth painting inside Teatro India, Rome 2016

Range Ta Chambre

Range Ta Chambre, or “clean up your room” is the title of the debut exhibition taking place as part of The 999FOUNDATION Artist Resistance Residency program, dedicated to the artworks of Julien “Seth” Mailand, also known as Seth Globepainter. Inside the spacious Teatro India, he followed the instructions of curator Stefano Antonelli to work with the structure itself and to take advantage of all its possibilities. Seth did just that, as he wandered around the theater taking notes and photographs, making sketches and deciding on the final product he would be delivering. The results are being kept a secret which will be unveiled to the audience during a single evening, but what’s for sure is that we can surely expect a spectacular display from a creative as talented and as renowned as Seth Globepainter. Will his throughs-provoking figures and scenery become the new temporary inhabitants of Teatro India?

The Exhibition Catalogue of Seth's exhibition in Rome, 2016

Street Artist Seth in Rome

The celebration of the first 999FOUNDATION Artist Resistance Residency will come in the shape of a one-day exhibition of street artist Seth, taking place on July 7th, 2016 only at Teatro India in the Ostiense district in Rome, Italy. The opening reception is scheduled for 7.30pm, it is open to public and the artist will be present. The visitors can also purchase the exhibition catalogue, as well as a print set available at the reception desk and online.

All images courtesy 999Contemporary.

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