Street Interventions Grace Madrid During Urvanity Art 2019!

February 28, 2019

A vibrant city full of beautiful energy, Madrid is best to enjoy by simply walking around town. This year, Urvanity Art 2019 has converted a simple walk into something absolutely special. Realized in collaboration with Coolway brand in the framework of Madrid Capital De Moda, the fair contributed to the city with amazing urban installations created by artists 1010, Sabek, MoneylessJuan Miguel Quiñones and Isaac Cordal.

All of the pieces are within the walking distance from the fair venue, LASEDE COAM. You could start at Juan Miguel Quiñones's piece and then continue towards, Moneyless's, 1010's and Sabek's, while the one by Isaac Cordal could be seen inside the courtyard of LASEDE.

Featured image: Sabek. All images © Widewalls.


A Hamburg-based contemporary artist, 1010 is celebrated for his obscure street pieces underlined by amazing effects of optical illusion. Seemingly three-dimensional, these pieces trick the viewers into believing there is an actual hole before them. These urban confusions on walls appear as portals to other dimensions.

For Urvanity Art 2019, the artist created a floor piece on the corner of Calle Fuencarral and Gran Vía. The artist created swirly colorful shapes in his distinct visual language which provide a depth of the third dimension.

Images courtesy the artist.


An Italian street artist, Teo Parisi aka Moneyless is famous for an interesting blend of traditional graffiti and fine art backgrounds. Employing a simple but unique style, he presents us with themes that are abstract, sometimes more geometric and static and in other times more dynamic and instinctive. Positioned carefully, his geometric pieces seem to float in mid-air in wild and abandoned settings.

For Urvanity Art 2019, the artist created an installation on the corner of Calle Augusto Figueroa and Calle Hortaleza which appears to be floating in thin air. Sophisticated, contemplative and reduced to the minimum, it carries a certain tension through multiple perspectives.


A Madrid-based artist, Sabek creates large-scale murals depicting clear, black, almost stamp-like figures usually inspired by nature and animals. Camouflaged in their urban environment and sometimes accompanied by human beings, these animals address the condition of each one of them in the environment and the importance of nature.

The artist created a public sculpture for Urvanity Art 2019 which is located at Plaza del Callao. It depicts a sophisticated black cat with no eyes, stretching on a green sphere.

Juan Miguel Quinones

An acclaimed Spanish sculptor, Juan Miguel Quiñones creates pieces taking everyday life objects as a starting point, using approaches close to Pop Art. Always experimenting with sculptural techniques, he creates memories materialized in stone - some more recent and others which accompany him since childhood.

Located at Plaza de Alonso Martínez, Quiñones' installation for Urvanity Art 2019 is a giant ice-cream on a stick made of stone. He presents us with a piece characterized by the universality of its language and technical perfection.

Isaac Cordal

A famous Galician artist, Isaac Cordal combines sculpture and photography in an urban environment. Although placed to be seen by everybody, his pieces are so minuscule that they could be hard to spot. Tucked-away in spaces like drainpipes, cracks, and other unusual places, his tiny, cement figures speak of the loneliness and isolation of the modern age.

Located in the courtyard of LASED COAM, his installation for Urvanity Art 2019 takes his work on a new level. Titled Cement Eclipses, this installation is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. It provides a critical look at the collateral effects of our evolution.

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