November 6, 2013

You cant be everywhere at once. Even if your jet setting between Ermatingen, Yamaguchi and West Goshen Township. You will miss the occasional great street art piece. That’s what you’ve got Widewalls for. We know. We’re fucking awesome (imagine Ashton Kutcher). Let’s get to it then. The last weeks amazing murals have been created by…


The successful, well-mannered but passionate sprayer from Lancashire has created a masterful piece in East London. Seriously now. Quality street art you produced there Mr. Grimshaw. The mural entitled “Wonderland” is mix of African tribal imagery and western consumerism. We’ve seen the tribal motives frequently, but the X-Games/Disney paintings are new.

Dale Grimshaw mural
Dale Grimshaw mural "Wonderland"

Dale Grimshaw mural
Dale Grimshaw mural "Wonderland" detail


British street artist INSA was also at it last week. His mural is multimedia art. To be more specific, his art only achieves its full effect id multimedia is in fact utilized. The first step in the mural creation is basic painting on the wall. Example: insa. Basic is deceiving though. INSA re-paints the wall several times, taking a picture from each version. Several times can be 10-15 times in certain cases. The pictures are later on joined together to create the illusion of the mural actually moving. Like a flip-book. This kids is called GIF-ITI, because GIF is also the abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. You know like .jpeg. Pictures are used to create this… You’ll understand someday.

INSA mural
INSA Gif-iti


The urban artist from Norway is no longer roaming the street of his home country. He’s in LA at the moment. While there he thought, “Let’s stencil some murals”, an so he did. Our favorite mural can be found on Sunset Boulevard. This huge stencil is a familiar piece, what’s particularly cool about this one is the scenery. The stencil named “Handgun” in combination with “The Uprising Creative” sign that reads ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’. FUCKING BRILLIANT!

DOT DOT DOT mural "Handgun"

DOT DOT DOT mural "Handgun" detail

Sorry Dale Grimshaw and INSA, but this week’s most remarkable mural comes from DOT DOT DOT.

Pictures retrieved from: UK Street Art, Street Art News (Dale Grimshaw  & DOT DOT DOT)

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