Top 100 Murals of Our Time - Street Update #100

Street Update

November 4, 2015

Brace yourselves street art enthusiasts, the biggest list of street art murals you have ever seen is coming! As you can see, our Street Update section has lived up to its 100 edition and we wanted to celebrate our two-year-long quest for the best murals with a special feature. Therefore, we decided to put together the colossal selection of top 100 murals, painted on the walls across the globe by the world’s leading street and urban artist, during the last one hundred weeks. All members of our editorial team have made an all-out effort to bring to you this monumental article, and we are more than excited to share our endeavor and celebrate this fantastic 100 weeks of incredible art with the community of our devoted readers.

Those who have been with us for some time know that our weekly selection of the best public artworks is based on your opinions and preferences. Each week your “likes” on our Facebook page show your appreciation for the specific artworks and help us decide which murals will make the cut, becoming part of our Street Update section. Over the course of one hundred weeks, starting from 2013 when our magazine was established, we saw so many stunning and beautiful street art pieces and this list is only a glimpse into this amazing period of street art history that we have the chance to experience.

The following list features the works of your favorite artists, but to discover which artwork was most beloved and most popular in the community of our readers you will have to scroll till the very end. Don’t worry because the road to the first place is more than enjoyable experience. So without further ado we bring you the list of 100 outstanding murals so scroll down and join us for this monumental celebration of street art!

100. Case - Mural in New York

So, here we are at the beginning of our Street Update #100! And we'll start with a German street artist Case (real name Andreas von Chrzanowski), who's a member of the MaClaim crew is in New York. This was his first public project, and it was made in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2015. Just like some of the previous works by Case MaClaim in NY this piece was made in collaboration with the Bushwick Collective as part of their outdoor street art gallery.

99. Irony - Mural in Bristol

At number 99 we have a mural on the wall of the Redpoint climbing center, depicting a female figure hanging from the top of the building. It was made by a British artist Irony, as a part of the UpFest street festival in Bristol in 2015.

98. Koz Dos - Mural in Maracay

The real identity of a Venezuelan graffiti artist Koz Dos is yet unknown. However, it is known that he was the author of this horizontal portrait of a man, holding a house in his right hand while showing a piece sign on his left hand. This mural is located at Maracay, Venezuela.

97. Dzia - The Golden Elephant

The Golden Elephant is the name of the mural Belgium's artist Dzia painted in his homeland, in Antwerp. It is one of the two elephants he painted only a few days from each other in 2015 - the other one is also in Belgium, in Mechelen.

96. Alice Pasquini - Along The Way

Alice Pasquini is an Italian artist. She was invited to Wall/Therapy festival in Rochester, New York, where she made this beautiful mural in 2014. She named her artwork Along The Way.

95. Brusk - Mural in Rio de Janeiro

At number 95 we have a thing of beauty - mural in Rio de Janeiro, created by a French artist Brusk. This piece was a part of Art Rua Urban Art Festival 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

94. Christina Angelina - Mural in Aspen

As usual, the theme of Christina Angelina's mural is - woman. She created this work on the East side of the Crystal Palace building in Aspen in 2015.

93. MadC - Mural in Paris

Colorful, bright mural at number 93 is work of a famous street artist MadC (Claudia Valde). She made this mural in the suburb of Paris in 2015. This art piece shows her complete mastery of the technique which gives her the liberty to experiment on a completely different approach to the idea of street art.

92. Curiot - Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights

The author of this  beautiful mural is a Mexican street artist Curiot. He created this mural named Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights before the opening of his solo exhibition in San Francisco in 2015.

91. Nychos - Mural in Werchter

This mural was created by an Austrian artist Nychos in Belgium town of Werchter. Nychos painted one more of his breathtaking dissected animals, and this time they are covering the containers of the North West Walls 2015 festival.

90. JAZ - The Shoe Thief

Argentinian street artist JAZ (real name Franco Fasoli) made this mural in 2015 and named it The Shoe Thief . This mural was painted as a part of Jidar Festival in Morocco’s capital Rabat.

89. Gris1 - Mural in Toulouse

Mural of a big wild cat that was assembled of thousands of bracelets and bubbles was made by a French artist Gris1 in the French town of Toulouse in 2015. It was created before the opening of the third edition of Mr. Freeze exposition dedicated to graffiti and street art practices.

88. Lonac - Buzz Off

This brilliant mural was created by Lonac, a Croatian street artist in Zagreb, Croatia.  Lonac quickly wrapped up this piece which is entitled Buzz Off, the text reads Fuck Off… I fish to paint something else!!

87. Millo - Mural in Heerlen, Netherlands

This black and white mural was created in 2015 by an Italian muralist Millo in the town of Heerlen, Netherlands. The mural was made with the support of Heerlen Murals, an organization dedicated to the promotion of public and street art practices, both in Heerlen and worldwide.

86. Levalet - Nausee

Levalet is a French artist whose real name is Charles Leval. This mural named Nausée was created on the streets of Paris in 2015, and just like in his previous works, this piece interacts with the local fountain architecture.

85. Shalak Attack - Double Trouble

A beautiful mural of two bears was created by Canadian-Chilean visual artist Shalak Attack in Toronto, Canada, in 2015. This talented artist has been around for more than ten years, having had numerous exhibitions worldwide, and her works often entwine the traditional South American muralism with contemporary graffiti and street art.

84. Hopare - Mural in Anglet

This mural was made by Franco-Portuguese graffiti artist Hopare as a part of the Art in House project in Anglet, France. This project was realized in 2015 and was designed to bring a beautiful end to the Anglet house which was demolished, along with all the murals created for the project.

83. WESR – Conversation Between Two Mystical Forces

WESR's mural named Conversation between two mystical forces is at place 83. It is located in Teufelsberg, Berlin, and it was created in 2015. The beautiful illustrative style of WESR lends itself perfectly to these two ghostly portraits that are appearing through the stark wall, ready to greet any unsuspecting visitors to the building.

82. Cix and Irving Cano - Life & Death the Cycle

This truly remarkable mural, rich in both color and symbols, was made by Cix and Irving Cano. The two artists joined forces for the Constructo festival in Mexico to produce the sublime artwork entitled Life & Death the Cycle.

81. Dzia Krank - Mural in Glasgow

As a tribute to the recently killed Southwest African lion, after he was wounded with an arrow, Dzia Krank created this piece of artwork depicting Cecil the Lion in Glasgow, Scotland.

80. Mr. Thoms - Like A Vision

Exploring the theme of social media and the so often criticized obsession for recognition within the social network, Mr. Thoms painted this fantastic piece entitled Like A Vision. Ironically, the mural got voted as number five at the 2014 top list thanks to your “likes” on Facebook.

79. ROA - Mural in San Juan

As part of the new art program initiated by Justkids, ROA created this large-scaled Boa snake in San Juan. Famous for his detailed black and white animal representations, the Belgian street artist added another piece to his vast collection.

78. Martin Whatson - Mural in Stavanger

Staying true to his signature style, which combines monochromatic stencils with vibrant graffiti techniques, Norwegian street artist Martin Whatson created this mural for the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway.

77. Dzia - Gold Fox Puppy

Done in his signature style, Gold Fox Puppy is a mural made by the Belgian artist Dzia. The street artist started to paint murals just two and a half years ago, and he is already widely known for his incredibly detailed animal street art pieces.

76. Nychos - Translucent Medusa

Famous for his depictions of dissected human and animal bodies, Nychos took a somewhat different turn in the creation of this piece. Entitled Translucent Medusa, the majestic mural in Aalborg, Denmark, shows the mythical female creature with venomous snakes in place of her hair.

75. Mr Cenz - Mural in London

Despite the terrible weather conditions like cold wind and the infamous London rain, Mr Cenz managed to make his way through and conjure up this great piece. Portraying a woman’s face painted in mostly purple tones, Mr Cenz once again showed off his best skills.

74. Phlegm X Pixel Pancho - Mural in New Zealand

Created in New Zealand for the Dunedin Street Art Festival, Phlegm and Pixel Pancho collaborated for this amazing piece. The two artists supplemented each other in a very unique way, and the mural came out amazingly.

73. Owen Dippie - The Radiant Madonna

As an homage to the legendary Keith Haring, the New Zealand street artist, Owen Dippie, created a piece named The Radiant Madonna. The mural quickly became the latest addition to the Bushwick Collective’s collection of murals in Brooklyn, New York City.

72. Aryz - Clones in Detroit

Gigantic creatures, arranged through strange, emotional mixtures expressing both rawness and tenderness, these are the usual symbols depicted in Aryz's street art. This mural depicting a hard working man pulling his clones over the shoulder was possibly motivated by Detroit's recent bankruptcy and industrial decline.

71. Tristan Eaton X Esao Andrews - Mural in Los Angeles

The mutual respect and friendship between Tristan Eaton and Esao Andrews that lasts more than 15 years is manifested through this stunning mural commissioned by Static Medium Print & Photo in Eaton’s hometown of Los Angeles, California.

70. SEPE - The Golden Age Of Grotesque

Paying tribute to his roots in his hometown of Warsaw, SEPE painted this beautiful mural entitled The Golden Age Of Grotesque. This mixture of abstract and illustrative, with a mix of energy and impulsive vibe, leads into development of distinctive ways to capture and criticize the dynamics of modern, money-spending society which is masochistically trying to erase any trace of individuality.

69. Alexis Diaz - Skull Mural for Rag & Bone in New York

A truly remarkable piece of street art from the patient hands and mind of Alexis Diaz created over the the course of one week on the Elizabeth Street façade of the Rag & Bone boutique in New York.

68. Vinie - Mural in Eauze, France

French street artist, Vinie, has developed a unique and playful style of work, often cleverly incorporating surrounding elements, such as vegetation, into her art. Created for the Magnac Eauze street art festival, Vinie made this unique and lovely reclining lady with her hair made of vegetation.

67. Saner - Mural in Perth, Australia

Mixing up inspirations from various places he goes to, Saner creates a unique style of his own heritage and the influences of other countries. The artist dropped his beautiful piece showing the lovely embrace of a couple wearing traditional Mexican masks for the Form Festival in Perth, Australia.

66. AQI Luciano - Mural in Brazil

Celebrating and exploring the notion of female beauty, AQI Luciano created this
stunning piece depicting a beautiful woman in portrait.

65. L7M - Mural in Montpellier

Known as “the master of birds”, Brazilian street artist Luis Martins, better known as L7m, painted another marvelous piece on the floor of a skate park in Montpellier.

64. Bikismo - Mural in Miami

Bikismo painted this metallic pooch for the Raw Project. The glossy mural was painted entirely with spray-paint on the façade of Jose De Diego Middle School.

63. Gleo - Corazón Coraza (Heart Shell )

Gleo embellished the Ciudad Bolivar district of Bogota with one of her vivid female subjects. Entitled Corazón Coraza or the Heart Shell, the piece shows Gleo’s meticulous skills and high orientation towards details.

62. L7m - Mural in Brazil

L7m painted this colorfull bird so that his day wouldn’t be gray. The splendid, highly detailed mural  was created on an unknown wall in an abandoned place in Brazil.

61. DALeast - Mural in Tahiti

This vibrant large-scale mural depicting giant eagle getting hit by lightning, was created in the signature style of DALeast during the Ono’U Street Art Festival in Tahiti.

60. Kurar - A Girl & TV

A mural entitled A Girl & TV was painted  by Kurar in Berlin, Germany for Urban Nation group show. Featuring a girl captivated by interesting content on television, we see both the negative and critical side of the piece as well as the artist’s sense of humor and his undoubted talent.

59. Deih - Mural in Sulitjelma

The lively mural by Deih was made during the UpNorth Street Art Festival in Norwegian town of Sulitjelma. The large-scale mural brings some of the trademark cyberpunk scenery of the artist, with two peculiar but extraordinary characters done in the comic style of portraiture.

58. Jayn - Mural in Luneburg, Germany

A mural featuring a fierce, raging tiger was painted by Jayn for Lunatic Festival, a music festival held in Luneburg, Germany.

57. Super A - Mural in Goes

Artist Super-A painted this 32-meter tall mural as a preview of the MuralGoes Festival in Goes, Netherland. Even if you don’t like birds that much, this beautiful, angry-looking pigeon will surely amaze you.

56. Pixel Pancho - Mural in New York

Mechanical figures dressed in leaves and flowers, are depicted on a mural made by Pixel Pancho, for the outdoor street art gallery the Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn.

55. Odeith - Chase Your Dreams

Street artist Odeith reminded everybody to chase their dreams with this amazing 3D street art piece created on an unidentified wall.

54. Farid Rueda - Wings of Destiny

Farid Rueda painted Wings of Destiny mural in an old neighborhood dubbed the Eagle, in his hometown of Mexico DF. The mural was done in collaboration with Ciclo DF, a multidisciplinary group from Mexico City.

53. Nychos - Men Playing Gods Game

This translucent mutant rat was portrayed by Nychos in Men Playing Gods Game mural located in downtown San Francisco just around the corner from the Subway fast food restaurant.

52. Ella & Pitr - Mural in Campania

Massive mural by the famous duo Ella & Pitr was created for Urban Area Open Spaces project. The lazy figure of a man is depicted in the napping position on one of the parking lots in Campania in the province of Salerno, Italy.

51. 2501 - Mural at Cassina De Pecchi

This line-based abstract street art piece made by Italian artist 2501 at Cassina De Pecchi, marked a start of Refresh festival in the city of Milan, Italy.

50. WD - What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly?

An inspirational group of elephants, painted by street artist WD aka Wild Drawing few weeks ago in Athens, Greece, fly they way up to the middle of out top 100 list.

49. Eduardo Kobra - Ritmos Brasileiros (Brazilian Rhythms)

Eduardo Kobra's cheerful Ritmos Brasileiros mural brought the rhythm of Brazil to the busy Shibuya area, everyone's favorite shopping and nightlife district in Tokyo.


A mural depicting a giant rock and a climber was created by Blu as a part of Draw the Line Festival in an Italian city of Campobasso.


Drew Merritt's stunning Woman in her Lingerie painted on the Container Yard in Los Angeles, California comes in at number 47. The unobtrusive simplicity of the erotic piece makes that perfect boundary between a vulgar and an artistic piece.

46. CASE - Mural in Basel

Before creating a piece for Art Basel in Miami, in 2014, amazing German street artist CASE visited Basel, Switzerland where he painted a fantastic indoor mural. Using his recognizable technique (precise usage of spray paint and the vivid and intense colors), CASE painted a set of hands in a hyper-realistic style. This amazing piece was created when CASE took a break from his work with the Ma’Claim crew (one of the most innovative and talented group of young artists making waves in contemporary German and international art). The mural can be founded in the Novotel Hotel parking garage, in Basel.

45. Koz Dos - Maracay Se Activa Festival

Being one of the most significant Venezuelan street artists, Koz Dos has participated in many events and exhibitions in his home country as well as abroad. This piece was created in 2013, for Festival Internacional de Cultura Urbana “Maracay se Activa” in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. This Caracas-based artist created a beautiful mural in his recognizable style. He harmonized a realistic image of a fictive character with geometric forms and dots. Although the main subject is realistically represented, the whole composition has many characteristics of surrealism.

44. Guido Van Helten - The Dance

Amazing Icelandic street artist Guido Van Helten has worked a lot in Australia, where he created some truly beautiful murals. During the Wonderwalls festival in Port Adelaide, the artist created an amazing mural entitled The Dance. This stunning piece is created in an indoor space. Guido, a popular and talented muralist, painted a delicate and elegant piece, giving his subjects a vintage atmosphere with a deeply sentimental quality.

43. Tasso in Plauen, Germany

German street artist Tasso is one of the founder of the Ma‘Claim crew. In 2015, he participated at the IBUG, Urban Culture Festival in Plauen, Germany (Plauen is located near Dresden). It took six days for Tasso to create an astonishing piece, celebrating the festival’s tenth anniversary. This amazing mural represents a filtered portrait of a swimmer emerging from a pool in a masterfully achieved illusion of water-optic. Unfortunately (but with a clear statement), the artist decided to destroy the artwork himself at some point. Why? IBUG festival usually brings artists to paint on the walls of abandoned buildings which are later demolished. The building on which Tasso painted is not on that list for destruction, so the artist probably decided to follow the temporal nature of true street art.

42. Tristan Eaton - Big City Dreams

Tristan Eaton, a famous Los Angeles-based street artist spent several weeks in New York City in the first half of 2015, where he created several amazing murals. One of them is Big City Dreams – a stunning mural in Manhattan area. The four story high mural, completed in his unique style, was commissioned by the LISA (Little Italy Street Art) project and is located at the Little Italy & Lower East Side border, on the Southwest corner of Allen and Rivington. The beautiful mural of a lady features all the elements one would expect from Eaton, wonderful lettering, great imagery and his great use of design and patterns to fill the mural.

41. NemO’s - Who Is Inside NemO’s

Famous Italian street artist NemO’s visited Madrid, Spain, in the beginning of 2015, to mark the opening of a solo exhibition with the Espositivo Gallery. It took him a few days to create an incredible piece of street art, entitled Who Is Inside NemO’s. The clever mural makes the most of a hole in a wall to play with space, as a man cuts off his face to reveal another man peering out from inside. A genius piece of street art, which is incredibly painted in the wonderful and unique style of Italian street artist NemO’s.

40. Jeroo - Mural in Valence, France

Christoph Ganter aka Jeroo is a German graffiti artist and illustrator whose career spans over twenty years. After years of testing his skills, he has developed a fresh, distinct style, which is mainly characterized by combining graffiti with influences like Art Nouveau. Inspired by the nature and galaxy, his trademarks are distorted and twisted letters and motifs such as birds and plants combined with geometric and organic shapes. In 2015, he created an amazing big wall piece for Block Party 5 in Valence, France. Recognizable motif in the shape of stylized Koi fishes appears to be swimming out of the grasp of its wild style shelter, symbolizing Jeroo’s long search of a suitable style.

39. Dzia - Catflow

After some time spent in Italy, amazing Belgian street artist Dzia created a stunning mural in the city of Zolder, Belgium. This great mural depicts a beautiful cat emerging from some bushes, the glowing orange and yellow colors looking especially vibrant against the black background. Entitled Catflow, the Belgian muralist brought to life one of his lovely creatures which was painted in his signature geometric and colorful style.

38. Derm - A Wolf

Derm is Belgian street artist and illustrator. A browse through the Derm Bad Taste Co website reveals a street artist and illustrator who revels in creating images that feature machinery and wild characters. On first glance, the style is similar to the great Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of Tank Girl and the virtual band, Gorillaz. This great mural in his distinctive slick street art style is located in an unknown location (at least for now).

37. 1010 - Mural in Marseille, France

After a lengthy trip around India, German street artist 1010 returned to Europe in 2015, where he worked on a new piece on the streets of Marseille, France. The artist was in Marseille for a solo exhibition entitled Mise en Abyme with Backside Gallery. While in Marseille, 1010 also produced this absolutely stunning mural on the wall of a building for Backside Gallery. The popular muralist is painting convincing, colorfully banded holes in walls. 1010 is reproducing a 3D technique on the flat. Even though they’re being painted on concrete walls, these pieces look real enough to reach inside and touch some color.

36. Dale Grimshaw - Mural at Sand, Sea & Spray Mural Festival

Famous British street artist Dale Grimshaw participated at 2015 edition of the Sand, Sea & Spray mural festival in Blackpool, United Kingdom. The British artist painted a beautiful red-hued mural featuring one of his signature Tribes People, an often subject in all of his recent works. The Blackpool piece sees a young boy with red and white paint over his face, with a haunting look and traditional jewelry.

35. L7M - Mural in Vitry, France

In early spring 2015, amazing Brazilian street artist L7m was touring Europe, and he stopped in France, where he created a beautiful mural in Vitry, suburban area of Paris (he additionally created a series of murals in the area). Combining geometrical elements and stylized color puzzles with detailed realism, L7m’s work is identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry, related to several issues, causing contradictions and uncomfortable feelings in the observers.

34. 0707 - Mural in London

Daniel Pacifici aka 0707 is an Italian street artist and graphic designer who explores the interaction between humans in his works. This amazing artist started out in 2012 by painting portraits of people on the streets of Rome, Italy. The street artist is known for his street art created using stencils and also as the originator of the This Is A Good Kiss Spot project that went viral. This lovely dark female portrait was created on Hanbury Street in the East End of London, an area where 0707 has been very active in 2015, creating many pieces of street art in the Brick Lane & Shoreditch areas.

33. Alex Face - Murals in Penang, Malaysia

Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face, is a well-known and influential graffiti artist from Thailand. In early spring 2015, Alex Face participated at a group street art exhibition entitled Different Strokes (organised by Hin Bus Depot Art Centre and the UK based Graffiti Prints), which featured international street artists such as Icy and Sot, Martin Whatson and Levalet. The artist created several pieces, one of them including these cuddly little critters created in the trademark Alex Face style.

32. Rustam QBic - Blossom

In the late fall 2014, amazing Russian street artist Rustam QBic from Kazan painted a large mural in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, during New City Festival. After eleven days working in the old snowy weather, the artist completed his massive piece on a 9 story building. The mural is entitled Blossom, and it is characterized by wildly surreal imagination that depicts three subjects blooming while reading books. This stunning piece is located in Chernyakhovsky 9A, Nizhny Novgorod.

31. Seth Globepainter - Mural in Montreal

Julien “Seth” Malland, better known as GlobePainter is a well-known French street artist who recently painted a stunning piece in Montreal, Canada. GlobePainter is known for his playful and colorful characters. In Montreal, the artist painted two children running into one another. What makes this piece simply amazing is its composition with two parts mirroring each other which is achieved through Seth’s clever use of the building brick exterior, and the background depicting clouds found on both parts of mural design.

30. Alexis Diaz - Mural in Montreal

In June 2014, famous Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz participated at MURAL Street Art Festival in Montreal, Canada. This amazing muralist spent a week working on this impressive and stunning piece. By using notoriously tiny brushes, Alexis Diaz dropped this highly-detailed hybrid creature. The images combine the skull of a bull, the wings of a bird, a skeleton made of branches and a fish inside its rib cage.

29. DANK - Neon Streets

In early spring 2015, British street artist Dan Kitchener, aka DANK, created a beautiful piece of street art, which can be found on Sclater Street in East London. The piece is entitled Neon Streets, and it represents a long version of the Neon Streets murals that he recently painted in both Croydon and Brighton in the UK. DANK is known for his gritty urban landscapes that are produced as street art, paintings, illustrations and digital paintings, often featuring night time scenes with the cities neon lights reflecting off wet streets, as nameless people go about their daily routine.

28. Lonac - Medika Diving

In his hometown of Zagreb, Croatian street artist Lonac created a sea-inspired artwork himself, entitled Medika Diving - because it was painted for the Ohoho Festival at AKC Medika (Autonomy Kulturni Centar Medika). An actual pipe of the building became the snorkel for the boy underwater, who seems to be amazed by a rather psychedelic mushroom he just found.

27. Rocket01 in Manchester

Interested in contemporary culture and the submarine world, Sheffield-based artist Rocket01 paints a mixture of these two topics. This one features a girl wearing a motorcycle helmet and a bunch of peace sign pins, while at the same time being surrounded by fish and seaweed. He’s very punk, this street artist, yet kinda romantic with all this use of water.

26. Banksy in Dismaland

It’s only logical that, after he created an entire bemusement park, Banksy goes and creates his own piece within it too. In this work, it’s two boys peeking behind a shower curtain to see a woman naked, with the curtain being an actual piece of iron attached to the wall in Dismaland. Not as provocative nor as entertaining as usual, but hey - it’s Banksy! Plus, he can do whatever he wants within his own playground.

Check out more pieces by Banksy on our marketplace!

25. Dzia in Herentals

Oh hey, it’s Dzia again! This time, the Belgian artist participated with three green-blue chickens standing on a rope - well, two of them are, the third one seems to have fallen down behind the actual bushes. This piece was painted in Herentals, a small town in his homeland. We just love, love, love his lining works! Can’t get enough of them.

24. Faith 47 in England and Tunisia

She is self-taught female street artist from South Africa - Faith 47, or Faith47 was busy in 2014, and one of many murals she did were created in London and Djerba, Tunisia, both of them unicorns telling the story of the relationship between the man and the animal. For example, the England capital even saw more than one of them, while the Djerbahood project got a mural called Hunt Her.

23. Ella & Pitr in Lyon

The creators of one of the biggest murals in the world, French artist duo Ella & Pitr are known for their mysterious cartoonish characters, usually only visible from up in the air and almost always large-scale, so much that they cover entire building rooftops. That is also the case with their piece created in Lyon, France, where their “man” is sleeping peacefully, undisturbed by the nearby railway.

22. Nafir - Samurai Likeism

Ironic and entertaining, Iranian artist Nafir was in Berlin in 2015, to collaborate with Urban Nation and to create a number of his fun pieces across the German capital. One of them was Samurai Likeism, addressing our obsession of social networks through a Japanese warrior slicing through the Facebook “like” button.

21. Jerico - Distanza Uomo Natura

Entitled Distanza Uomo Natura (The Distance between Man and Nature), this mural by Philippines artist Jerico was painted as part of the Big City Life project, organised by Rome’s 999 Contemporary in 2015. With bright blue dominating an entire building facade, the piece recalls Michelangelo in a very spring-y mood, as it features two hands touching surrounded by blossoming flowers.

20. Etnik Murals in Germany

Another Italian street artist, Etnik, left a mark in form of two murals in two German cities, one being Neuss and the other Giessen. The first was done for the 25th Alte Post Anniversary and the second for the River Tales Project 2014. True to the artist’s style, the pieces are colourful, geometric, 3D and quite attracting in composition that almost actually comes out of its surface.

19. Pixel Pancho - The Last Kiss

In Ravenna, local street artist Pixel Pancho who, you’ll guess, likes to work with sort of pixellated imagery, painted The Last Kiss between his two nude robotic characters, surrounded by the elements of nature to contradict their own. The mural was painted as part of the Subsidenze Street Art Festival, its 2nd edition having taken place in 2015.

18. Seth Globepainter and HTJ - Sleeping Girl

It’s Seth Globepainter again, only this time in a collaboration with Tahiti street artist HTJ. Together, they made the Sleeping Girl, featuring a Tahitian girl in a deep sleep, surrounded by traditional Polynesian patterns courtesy of their local artist. The vibrant blue of the girl’s hair and the haunting red of the textures really make this piece stand out.

17. WD - Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Once, when he visited France, Indonesian-born, Athens-based artist WD, aka Wild Drawing, painted one of his traditionally fun murals inspired by comics and graphic novels. In this case, the Hey Ho, Let’s Go! piece depicts a play between two robots, one struggling to get the other one “out” of the building, interacting with the very space they’ve been sprayed on.

16. Seth Globepainter Murals in China

Seth Globepainter’s dreamy, distracted characters appeared all over China, on a number of its abandoned and derelict buildings. Located mainly in the Shanghai and Beijing area, they bring a sense of nostalgia and loneliness, as per usual when it comes to this particular French street artist.

15. Tristan Eaton and Cyrcle in New York

At one point, the art of Tristan Eaton and Cyrcle took over the neighbourhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and one of the pieces they painted is this incredible futuristic blue portrait of a female, which incorporates everyone’s distinctive painting style. The mural is spread across several sections of wall, on the corner of a street in Williamsburg which was once known as an arty area but has now become a suburban office park.

14. Dzia - Rat Hole

Among the trademark vibrant animals that Dzia had painted in the dark corners of the Wavre area of Belgium, there are a bird, a chick and a rather stunning rat. The beautiful rat has been created in a yard full of abandoned rubbish and pictured holding a fan, a nice touch of ironic humour for a creature associated with dirt and widely despised.

13. Bordalo II in Bordeaux

Participating at the 2015 Ocean Climax Festival in the French city of Bordeaux, Portuguese artist Bordalo II, or Bordalo Segundo, created one of his signature “trash” pieces of a penguin. The work is meant to raise awareness of today’s environmental problems, such as recycling and global warming.

12. Bosoletti - Cesaria

Francisco Bosoletti painted Cesaria on a wall in the town of Casarano, southern Italy. The mural was created for Viavai, a public art project of Salento and, following the signature style of Bosoletti, tells the story of Santa Cesaria, a troubled girl who ran away from her father’s abuse and who then lived in a cave, in company of two doves.

11. Etam Cru Murals in Norway

In 2014, Polish street art duo Etam Cru stopped by in Norway to paint a number of murals featuring a boy's childhood. Invited by the Urban Samtidskunst, they painted an amazing figurative mural called Sleeper, depicting a small boy brushing his teeth in front of a sink filled with his imagination, as well as First Day of School, where we see a sleeping students and his school things.

10. Conor Harrington - Mural in London

Irish street artist Conor Harrington created this amazing piece in a district of North-East London for the Wood Street Walls festival earlier this year. Harrington's mural features two colonial-inspired characters in a dramatic scene presented in the artist's loose photorealistic style.

9. Bordalo II - Guarda Rios

Bordalo II, Portuguese artist known for his environmentally conscious murals created this piece for the ObservaRia bird watching event. This event is held annually in the city of Estarreja in Portugal, a city that is now the home of Bordalo’s beautiful kingfisher mural entitled Guarda Rios.

8. Adnate - Mural in Benalla

While participating in the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival in Benalla, Victoria, Australian street artist Adnate created this beautiful portrait of a young girl in his recognizable photorealistic style. Truly amazing work of one of the world’s leading street art portraitists.

7. XAV - Female Portrait

Spanish artist XAV is another artist on our list famous for his realistic portraits. In his impressive painting technique, XAV brought to life another of his remarkable female figures earlier this year, gaining many votes on our Facebook page and bringing him closer to the very top of our list.

6. Nychos - Dissection of a Polar Bear

Definitely one of the most beloved artists in our community Nychos continues to amaze us with his signature representations of dissected animals. Entitled Dissection of a Polar Bear this mural was created in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Rabbit Eye Movement and it is also the largest street art piece in Vienna.

5. Farid Rueda - Balam

Mexican artist Farid Rueda painted this piece in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The mural representing a jaguar, painted in the artist signature style of colorful kaleidoscopic patterns was made in collaboration with the No Colectivo and titled Balam or Son of the Sun in the original Maya translation.

4. Young Jarus - Female Portrait in Toronto

Canadian artist Young Jarus created this piece in 2014 on the streets of his hometown of Toronto. This large-scale female portrait was done in collaboration with the artist Rudjer, so perfectly realistic that it just looks like a photograph when looked from a distance.

3. Millo - Everyone Is Searching for It

Really touching and inspirational murals by the Italian artist Millo have made it to our third place. Entitled Everyone is Searching For It, these monumental works, standing side by side in the Italian city of Milan, are a true masterpiece of street art bringing the story of love, hope and loneliness in Millo’s recognizable black, white and red color hues.

2. Banksy - Spy Booth

Banksy will have to settle for a second place on our list this time. Entitled Spy Booth this street art piece was actually the most popular mural of 2014 on the pages of Widewalls and is still one of the most favorite ones. Doing what he does best Banksy created this piece in April 2014, depicting three government agents spying on phone conversations and cleverly chose Cheltenham, UK, the home of Government Communications Headquarters, as a home for his piece.

1. Sainer - Crossroads

And the very best mural of the past one hundred weeks according to you, our dear readers is the mural Crossroads created by the Polish artist Sainer, the member of the Etam duo. This wonderful large-scale piece was painted in April 2015, as part of the Public Art Programme initiated by the Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon. In the spirit of celebration, we also decided to treat you with the special gift, and asked Sainer to exclusively share details about this particular work, the inspiration behind it and its meaning.

Here is what Sainer states for Widewalls: There is no specific meaning for this mural, its figurative so anyone can read it in his own way, I start painting it without finished idea how it will look in the end. I started with the sketch of old woman and other elements were added to define final composition with shapes and colors. Meaning of each element could be different for every person, so I leave these doors open.

And there you go! The list of 100 best murals created by world’s leading artists all over the globe in the last two years. In the end, we thank you all for staying with us, supporting your favorite artists on our social media pages and participating in this choice. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our quest for the best murals doesn’t stop here so sign up for My Widewalls and discover amazing works of public art each week!

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