Street Update #101

November 11, 2015

And we are back with another Street Update edition! Let’s face it, it isn’t going to be as monumental as last week’s selection of 100 best murals, but it will celebrate the best street art pieces of the past two weeks. That’s right, two weeks this time, just because we don’t want you to miss out anything and we are continuing where we left off before our anniversary special. However, before we move on to our subject of the day, we also have some exhibition recommendations street art enthusiast might appreciate like Sobekcis duo in Soest, Germany and the legendary duo The London Police in Turin, Italy. We’ve also entered November which means that the selection of best murals of October, made by our followers on Instagram is here. And did you know that this Friday is Friday the 13th? Maybe you can celebrate it with some freaky murals in case you were too busy to check them out on Halloween. As we promised last time, we will continue to follow street art across the globe and keep you posted on those best works on our Facebook page!

Now, let’s continue where we left off two weeks ago and see which street art pieces you liked best…

BLU in Rome

Italian street artist BLU finished another of his murals in Rome. This large-scale piece is a new contribution to Casal Dei Pazzi district, where BLU recently created another of his astonishing works of art. This mural depicts a swirling path of evolution from the simplest organisms to the birth of civilizations, finishing with the unsettling vision of tomorrow. Humans, as the youngest earthly creatures are in BLU’s opinion heading towards the disastrous end, and the destruction of the evolutionary path in nicely underlined by the lack of coloring juxtaposed to the other vibrant elements of the mural. A truly amazing piece by BLU this time.

Images via BLU

Wild Welva in Spain

Spanish street artist Wild Welva recently did a new intervention in the city of Huelva where he is currently based. This artist is famous for his large animal drawings that are afterwards pasted on the walls. In his work, the artist tends to tackle the questions of human nature using wild life metaphors. This time, it seems that Wild Welva is exploring the "chicken or the egg" paradox, the one that has been troubling humankind forever. An interesting paste up that will keep the Huelva University students busy for a while.

Photo via Wild Welva

Dotmasters in Croydon

Leon Sessix whom you all know better as Dotmasters was recently in Croydon, participating in the Croydon Mural Project initiated by Rise Gallery. This UK street art legend continued his Toy Town series of murals, this time bringing to life a colorful ginger doll. With her silky pink dress and bright smile, this doll is an exhilarating addition to the rather depressing and gray surroundings. Along with this piece, Dotmasters painted another of his toys, marking the beginning of the Croydon Mural Project, and hopefully, we shall see more of these beautiful murals coming from Croydon in the following months.

Photo via Dotmasters

Tellas in Cagliari, Italy

Two weeks ago Italian artist Tellas was featured in our Street Update section with his mural in London. This time, he has made it to the list with a new piece in his hometown of Cagliari, which just happens to be the Italian Capital of Culture in 2015. Tellas’ latest mural is entitled Under the City and executed in his signature color blue, bringing the familiar shapes and elements of the natural environment we got used to seeing in the artist’s work. This new composition of organic shapes is Tellas’ personal vision of his hometown and a great contribution to the city’s landscape.

Photo via Tellas

Mr. Woodland in Augsburg, Germany

The illustrious German artist Mr. Woodland was in the city of Augsburg recently where he managed to bring to life another of his cheerful characters. The mural was made with the support of the city’s Die Bunten e.V. association dedicated to the promotion of graffiti culture. Mr. Woodland depicted a curious young man, with a pink flamingo in his backpack, walking through swampy surroundings. The artist conveniently titled his piece The Explorer.

Photo via Mr. Woodland

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