Street Update #102

November 18, 2015

Welcome back to another Street Update edition where we bring you the best murals of the past week. Winter is coming soon, which unfortunately means that there will be less painting on the streets. It also means that there will be more great exhibitions by your favorite artists indoors and that’s certainly something to be happy about. Something that we would like to share are the fantastic exhibits like group urban art show Barcelona Mia in Paris, Fintan Magee’s new works at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, and Faith 47 solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. While we’re speaking about amazing exhibitions The London Police duo had one in Turin, and we bring you the exclusive interview with the artists, directly from the spot. We recently started wondering how successful street artists are when it comes to the performance of their works at auctions and we've put up the list of most expensive artworks by Retna, so check that out if you’re interested.

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Adnate in Melbourne

Australian artist Adnate is among the participants of the Strawberry Fields Festival, the annual celebration of art and music happening few hours outside of Melbourne. Prior to the festival opening, Adnate created one of his signature female portraits. Embracing the style of the Old Masters and translating it into street art expression, Adnate became famous for his photorealistic murals executed solely in spray paint. This time was no different and Adnate once again showed his mastery in spray paint technique. Just look at that delicate texture of the woman’s hood and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Photo via Adnate

Guido van Helten in Minsk, Belarus

Australian artist Guido van Helten is continuing his tour of eastern European cities. After Kiev, he visited Minsk in Belarus, creating another of his large-scale pieces. Throughout his work, van Helten has been careful about the concepts for the locations, paying special attention to details and trying to incorporate specific local elements into his paintings. While creating this astonishing female portrait, van Helten decorated the garments with traditional Eastern European embroidery pattern. A thoughtful tribute to the cultural heritage and a truly beautiful mural for the citizens of Minsk.

Photo via Guido van Helten

Jimmy C in London

It is truly an amazing week for Australian artists as it seems. Another Australian-born street artist, currently based in London did an exceptional mural recently. Jimmy C, in his signature style of aerosol pointillism, depicted one of the Brick Lane’s legendary local residents. The portrait of Mick shows the senior citizen wearing a hat decorated with buildings that gradually change from the old brick ones to high-end skyscrapers. The portrait is an interesting metaphorical representation of the increasing gentrification in the neighborhood and a great homage to the local citizen.

Photo via Jimmy C

Suso33 in Bilbao

Madrid-based artist Suso33 visited Bilbao recently for his new solo show at SC Gallery. Suso33 also used the occasion to do some public work as well. Using simple pasting technique, Suso33 created an array of little shadow people, moving in an endless zig-zag line. The color of the wall reminiscent of the desert areas creates the impression of a wasteland and adds up to the overall mysteriousness and bleakness of the piece. Utterly simple execution with the powerful messages left for the citizens of Bilbao to ponder on.

Images via SC Gallery

C215 in Madrid

In the end, we have something small and sweet, a new portrait by French artist C215. This new piece in Madrid is only one in a massive line of works C215 created over the years. Creating stencils every day and painting across the cities worldwide is what C215 is famous for, each time bringing to life a new and interesting character. Delicate and deep, his portraits tell the tales of individuals and at the same time capture the essence of humanity, which is one of the reasons why his stenciled portraits are so appreciated and loved.

Photo via C215

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