Street Update #103

November 25, 2015

It is once again that time of the week when we go back and take a closer look to some of the best street art pieces created across the globe. You certainly had your say in this, supporting your favorites on our Facebook page and you will probably be excited to know which murals made the cut. However, there are few things we would like to share before we head over to our subject of the day. Parisians will certainly be happy to hear that Shepard Fairey’s new installation is on view at Eiffel Tower, making it the first street art piece ever to be mounted at this monument. Mist’s exhibition in Marrakesh closed a couple of days ago, and for those who couldn’t make it to the show we have prepared a recap. If you like street art but appreciate fine art as well then Rems182 solo show in Italy might be a great place to enjoy both. There are certainly Blek le Rat admirers among you, and I suppose you’ll be interested in finding out what are his most expensive pieces.

Now, without further digressions we bring you the best street art of the past week, so scroll down and enjoy!

2Alas in Palm Beach

Andrew Antonaccio and Filio Galvez members of the artist duo 2Alas were among the participants of this year’s CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show. Along with Ron English, Case MaClaim, Herakut, and many other prominent names 2Alas duo left one of their signature pieces on the walls of West Palm Beach. Done in their recognizable style of black and white abstraction, the mural brings two figures, linear portraits of a boy and a girl intertwined with each other. This was certainly one of the favorite pieces of the last week, and it will probably be remembered in those to come.

Photo via Arrested Motion

Hilda Palafox in Mexico

Dreamers Art Fest recently took place in Mexican town of Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean shoreline and Hilda Palafox was one of the sixteen participants in their mural painting program. Based in Mexico City, Hilda Palafox became widely known for her illustrations and crafted dolls. Occasionally she also does mural works and just like her illustrations they feature graceful female figures and bear the same spirit of elegance. For the festival Palafox painted two girls relaxing in the water, using a limited palette of colors and at the same time achieving an incredible balance between different hues.

Photo via Hilda Palafox

Ludo in Paris

After his recent exhibition at Castor Gallery in New York, Ludo is back in Paris, wondering the streets of his hometown and creating his new pieces. Although we’ve seen a couple of them in the last few days this particular one seems to be the favorite. And it’s an interesting one. It is executed in Ludo’s signature style, black, white and gray with the inevitable splash of green, but surprisingly it doesn’t bring any artificial or technological elements. It is a hybrid of some sort, but this time Ludo decided to use only organic imagery, planting a human brain on the insect’s body.

Photo via Instagrafite

Artez in Novi Pazar, Serbia

After his return from Greece and participation in Urban Art Ventures festival, Belgrade-based artist Artez is back in Serbia. Last week he finished working on his mural piece in the city of Novi Pazar supporting one of the first public art projects in the city. For the occasion, Artez created a beautiful portrait of a young woman, embellishing her hair with colorful fallen leaves. Between illustration and photorealistic representation, mural perfectly captures the spirit of the fall season and is conveniently entitled Autumn Leaves.

Photo via Artez

Greg Gossel in Minneapolis

Last week, American artist Greg Gossel who currently resides in Minneapolis finished working on one of his large-scale pieces in the Hennepin Avenue. By employing pop art imagery and comic-book inspiration Gossel created a mural which honors the diversity of the avenue, referencing its rich history as an entertainment district. The mural was commissioned by American Express in partnership with Juxtapoz magazine and Hennepin Theatre Trust. Although Gossel is committed to his studio works and doesn’t do many public art projects this mural is truly impressive and hopefully we will see more of them in the future.

Photo via Greg Gossel

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