Street Update #104

Street Update

December 2, 2015

As we’re entering an unusually warm month of December here in Europe, we cannot help but overlook the issues of climate change. Brandalism project, Shepard Fairey, JR, they are all addressing the same problem in Paris, with their street art interventions that have taken over public spaces prior to the Paris Climate Conference. Besides great street art pieces we saw in the City of Light, many other were created across the globe during the past week, and we will get to the very best of them soon. Before we do, there are some great urban art exhibitions we would like to recommend like Electric Breeze by Nosego in Rome and ERRORISM by Etnik in Bologna. And while we’re mentioning Shepard Fairey’s environmentalist engagements, perhaps you are wondering how his art pieces perform at auctions. If you are, here is the list of his most expensive ones. Last week we also had two great interviews with two amazing street artists, so make sure you check out our talk with Borondo and interview with Above.

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Eduardo Kobra in West Palm Beach

Yorick’s skull, responsible for one of Hamlet’s most memorable monologues has taken new appearance last week. Inspired by one of the most famous plays in Western literature, Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra brought to life Yorick’s dead head in a most colorful representation this character has seen in history. The vibrant rectangular patterns used in the creation of the skull really make the skull of the jester stand out from the other elements of the mural like the gray hand that holds it. If Shakespeare could see poor Yorick now, I bet he would be delighted as we are.

Photo via CANVAS

Sean Yoro aka Hula in West Palm Beach

Sean Yoro aka Hula, the artist who recently painted a series of melting icebergs and showed how creative street artists can be for a right cause, was also in West Palm Beach last week. Just like Eduardo Kobra, he was among the participants in the CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show painting a beautiful female portrait under the Royal Park Bridge. By placing his works above the water level, Hula adds another dimension and hyperrealistic qualities to his pieces that perfectly reflect into the water surface. Great work by the Hawaiian artist.

Photo via CANVAS

Cbloxx & AYLO of Nomad Clan in Liverpool

It’s always a great pleasure to have female artists in our Street Update section. And this time we have two of them. Joy Gilleard also known as Cbloxx and Hayley Garner aka AYLO who work together as the Nomad Clan visited Liverpool to work on their largest collaborative piece to date. The mural is over 20 meters high and after two weeks and many brave battles against the bad weather, these two artists finished their monumental project. The mural features their signature nomadic character with many motifs that honor Liverpool heritage.

Photo via Nomad Clan

Pdv Crew & Estimer in Bogota

Another great collaboration took place last week in the city of Bogota, Columbia. Pdv street art crew, along with the artist Estimer finished working on their piece entitled Color Justice. This group of artists created a colorful scene with a boy carried by a stork and an alligator in his backpack. With beautiful night sky and dreamlike landscape in the background, the scene looks like a page torn from a children’s book. A truly beautiful piece by graffiti crew Pdv and Estimer.

Photo via Pdv Crew

ROA in La Perla, Puerto Rico

Belgian artist ROA created his last piece in San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of his art residency with Justkids. Artist famous for his animal representations decided to conclude this project by drawing attention to the problem of shark finning practice. This inhumane and brutal practice involves the hacking off the shark fins, often while the animal is still alive, and discarding the rest of the body into the ocean. Countless sharks have experienced and agonizing death because of human greed and cruelty and ROA created a disquieting mural to raise awareness of this terrible acts.

Photo via Justkids

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