Street Update #105

Street Update

December 9, 2015

One of the biggest art fairs in the world, Art Basel Miami Beach didn’t only attract a large number of galleries and collectors but also a line of talented street artists engaged in a series of public art projects in the Wynwood district. Many amazing murals were painted last week in Miami and you had the opportunity to see some outstanding creations on our Facebook page. Some of them are featured on our list of best murals of the past week, but before we get to them let’s see what else is going on in the world of street art. There are two exciting urban art exhibitions approaching, one is the group show Hibernate with world’s leading urban artists at Hang-Up Gallery in London, and the other is the joint exhibition by Vincent Abadie Hafez and Carlos Mare at David Bloch Gallery in Marrakesh, featuring some interesting calligraffiti artworks. If this is geographically too far from you, perhaps you can enjoy the exhibition by the French artist ARDPG online. We have left the month of November behind us, and to see which street art pieces you liked best over the last four weeks check out the selection of top 10 November murals on Instagram.

To see the best murals of the past week scroll down…

Martin Whatson in Miami

The series of Miami murals starts with the latest creation by Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson. Whatson was among the participants in the public art event organized by Smashed Canvas for the Art Basel, along with many other celebrated names in the world of street art. Mirroring the image of one of his recent studio artworks entitled Behind the Curtain, Martin Whatson created a spectacular optical illusion that combines his stencil mastery with colorful graffiti works.

Photo via Smashed Canvas

Dzia in Belgium

For our second piece, we will have to travel from sunny Florida to the chilly Europe where Belgian artist Dzia had his solo show recently in the city of Vilvoorde. This mural was created as part of the live painting performance at De Kruitfabriek venue where his exhibition took place. This time, in his recognizable mix of anatomic lines Dzia spray-painted a fish against a golden background. It is truly a nice addition to Dzia’s menagerie and perhaps this golden fish even brought luck to some visitors of his exhibit.

Photo via Dzia Krank

D*Face in Miami

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there were several exciting urban art projects organized during Miami art week. UK artist D*Face participated in the live painting event organized by Mana Contemporary in collaboration with the Bushwick collective from Brooklyn, NY. In his signature style that brings together comic book imagery with pop art influences, D*Face created a love scene between two of his characters. A zombie-like creature with a beautiful girl is a recurring motif in the work of the artist who likes to call his style aPOPcalyptic.

Photo via All City Canvas

Astro in Bordeaux

French artist Astro, member of the ODV and CBS street art crews painted an astonishing piece somewhere on the streets of Bordeaux last week. Between calligraphy and wildstyle graffiti Astro invented his unique style that incorporates both of these inspirations and adds a new layer when it comes to the treatment of perspective. Astro masterfully plays with the notion of depth and op-art aesthetics, and this piece confirms his talent when it comes to the creation of optical illusions. Truly impressive work by the French creative.

Photo via Astro

Wes21 & Onur in Miami

The project Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans organized by Pangeaseed with the Urban Nation in Miami’s Wynwood district brought together artists Wes 21 and Onur to create a piece addressing the issue of climate change and its effects on the ocean ecosystem. Two outstanding artists depicted a gigantic hand in a rubber glove, removing a cargo ship from the ocean. The piece coincided perfectly with Paris Climate Conference and the street art projects we’ve seen in Paris recently with the same idea of bringing attention to environmental issues.

Photo via Street Art News

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