Street Update #107

December 23, 2015

Christmas is almost here and perhaps it is time to think about the presents for your friends and family. If you happen to be near Cologne these days, you might consider visiting Due Kunstagetin gallery and their Christmas urban art exhibition and maybe pick some nice gifts for urban art admirers you know. Christmas also awakens that special spiritual atmosphere, but if you are not particularly religious and hate church visits, you might reconsider your choice once you see what Okuda did in the Church of Santa Barbera, Spain. While we’re discussing spirituality you might be interested in learning something about the indigenous inspiration in art and the way primitivism has shaped street art practices of today. Our dedicated readers have perhaps noticed the series of articles that analyze the auction prices of works by famous contemporary and urban artists. If you want to see how street art is trending on the art market perhaps, you should check out 10 priciest pieces by Faile or most expensive artworks by the legendary Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Finally, let’s cut to the chase. We saw some beautiful murals next week and now is the time to see five most popular ones.

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Levalet in Barcelona

French street artist Charles Leval aka Levalet recently visited the city of Barcelona and the occasion was his solo show One Step Forward, Two Steps Back at the Montana Gallery. Although he was busy preparing the exhibition which opened last week, Levalet found some time to work on his new piece on the streets. The new monochromatic work is entitled Succession and it is another of his pieces that successfully brings together dark humor with social commentary through a dynamic, theatrical scene.

Photo via Levalet

L7m in Portugal

Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins who goes by the moniker L7m visited Portugal last week. L7m is famous for his realistic representations of birds and this time he continued to pursue his long-lasting inspiration in the city of Loures. The mural is a signature mix of figuration and chaotic abstract elements and it is full of cultural symbolism. L7m named this mural 2016 Guardian of the Forgotten and it features motifs of an all-seeing Eye and a masterfully done representation of a crow, a symbol of ancient wisdom and clairvoyance.

Photo via L7m

Hula in New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a beautiful work by Sean Yoro aka Hula in West Palm Beach for the CANVAS mural project, and now he is in New Zealand participating in another street art festival. Hawaiian artist is known for his mural works situated in unusual places, just above the water level, which he paints by floating on the water surface. This time, however, he chose to work from a solid ground and painted a beautiful female portrait titled Huli in Mount Maunganui for Street Prints Mauao Festival, the first street art festival the city of Tauranga, New Zealand.

Photo via Hula

Seth Globepainter in New Zealand

Another great street art festival took place in New Zealand last week in the city of Christchurch and French street artist Julien “Seth” Malland whom you know also as Globepainter was among the participants. For Spectrum Festival Seth Globepainter created an outstanding large-scale piece in his signature style. Two faceless characters, intertwined with each other around the vibrant infinity sign look like they’re entering the psychedelic portals of some sort. As in most of his latest works, the two sides of the mural are mirroring each other perfectly creating a harmonious combination of juxtaposed elements. Seth titled this piece Antipodes.

Photo via Seth Globepainter

Fin DAC in New Zealand

The last piece was also created in New Zealand during the inaugural Street Prints Mauao Festival in Mount Maunganui. Famous street art portraitist Fin DAC who was painting side by side with prominent international and New Zealand artists created a female portrait in his recognizable style that brings together different cultural influences. Although his muses are often beauties of Asian or Latin American descent, Fin DAC chose to honor the local culture and painted a portrait of a young Maori woman. The piece in entitled Taaniko.

Photos via Finbarr DAC

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