Street Update #108

December 30, 2015

This time of the year brings countless festivities across the globe. Celebrations, parties, exciting events are everywhere and while many were taking some time off over the course of the holidays, there were those street artists who have been working tirelessly last week, presenting us with holiday gifts in form of beautiful murals. We will see the best of the works in the following paragraphs, but first we have to talk about some exciting forthcoming events. If you’re looking for some high-quality exhibitions to visit in January we strongly suggest Blek le Rat's show in Milan and group street art exhibition Paper Party 3 in Paris. Last week we also spoke to two outstanding urban artists, so make sure you check our interview with mittenimwald and the talk we shared with Carne. In case you were wondering how successful street artists are when it comes to the art market take a look at Invader’s most expensive pieces or Os Gemeos artworks that did well at auctions.

Scroll down for the best street art pieces of the past week and follow our Facebook page to see new ones as soon as they appear on the streets…

Astro ODV and Suiko1 in Paris

The first mural is a result of a productive collaboration between two outstanding street artists. French artist Astro, a member of ODV and CBS crews met with Japanese Suiko1 in Paris where they worked on the piece titled Rhinoceros. Two rhinoceroses are mirroring each other in terms of color but the dynamic of the piece comes from two different yet equally engaging graffiti lettering styles. Perfectly intertwined abstract lines on Astro’s side can be seen as a contrast to Suiko1’s bubbly shapes. When brought together they illustrate the amazing creative possibilities of wildstyle graffiti.

Photo via Astro ODV

Farid Rueda in Bogota

Mexican artist Farid Rueda took a trip to Colombia recently where he finished working on an impressive mural piece on the streets of Bogota. The mural is titled El último vuelo de Ícaro or Last Flight of Icarus in English translation. Farid Rueda often finds inspiration for his works in Mexican mythical stories and folk legends, but this time, he decided to give us his view on the classic Greek myth. The mural brings together all elements characteristic for Rueda’s works from kaleidoscopic patterns to vibrant color hues.

Photo via Farid Rueda

Pixel Pancho in Nagua, Dominican Republic

Over sixty walls were painted this year in the town of Nagua in the Dominican Republic for Artesano project and Pixel Pancho was among those artists who were participating in it. This piece is the last and the biggest one the Italian street artist painted during his visit and it is truly extraordinary. In his signature style, Pixel Pancho depicted two robotic animal hybrids, lion and a horse that look like some fierce sea monsters caught in an epic battle. Surreal and beautiful this mural shows that Pancho’s imaginative skills know no limits.

Photo via Artesano Project

Mr. Blob and Korvo in Milan

Another great artistic collaboration took place recently on the streets of Milan. Two Italian artists Mr. Blob and Korvo aka Korvuz Korax were invited by the people from Artkademy to participate in their Ecomostra mural painting project. These two artists have similar visual styles and choice of subjects, so they didn’t have any trouble working together. Numerous whimsical animal creatures that are grotesque, peculiar and jolly at the same time inhabit their new mural work and they will surely bring much joy to the citizens of Milan in days to come.

Photo via Mr. Blob

Jayn in Luneburg, Germany

Björn Lindner aka Jayn is a designer, airbrush artists and graffiti artist working in Lüneburg, Germany. Jayn is perhaps best known for his stunning representations of animals and last week his menagerie got richer for another resident. Working his magic on the walls of Lüneburg, Jayn depicted a large snail against a vivid, fluorescent green background. The awesome mural brings realistic representation of snail’s slimy body and an interesting interpretation of his house. Great work!

Photo via Jayn

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