Street Update #109

Street Update

January 6, 2016

After a few days have passed into the new year, parties turned into afterparties and things are gradually getting back to their regular pace. Before we take a look at the first murals in 2016, let us remember the most prominent artist in 2015, and the most popular instagram wall art in December. And as for this year - there is still time to visit one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of street and urban art masters - Source Codes in Catania, which is on view until January 18. If you are interested in speculations on urban art and its significance as a movement, you should definitely check out this article regarding its reputation in recent art history.

And now for the best murals of the previous week, scroll down and take a closer look. If you would like to see the new ones as soon as they are made, don't forget to check out Widewalls on Facebook!

Ludo's Flower Launcher in Paris

Paris-based street artist Ludo is famous for his monochrome works, highlighted by the recognizable shade of green. Ludo is interested in wheat pasting, and most of his works are done this way. His graphics are usually made to transmit ideas that can be understood easily, which is the case with his latest Flower Launcher as well. Deciding to launch flowers instead of munition is an important message, and a good resolution for the new year.

Photo via ThisIsLudo.

BIK ISMO makes Tribute to Andy Warhol in Nagua

We mentioned the Artesano project in the previous Street Update, and here is another notable artwork made as a part of the project. It seems that many high quality works of street art were made in the Dominican Republic on this occasion. The Puerto Rican street artist Bik Ismo also took part in the project, and painted a floating figure of Andy Warhol on one of Nagua's walls. Warhol's body is in a landscape position, which probably makes the passersby want to stop and turn their heads around, and take a better look at the metallic gleam of the mural. His work was captured by Tostfilms.

Photo via Artesano Project.

Julia Volchkova in Penang, Malaysia

The Russian artist made a large scale mural in Balik Pulau, with the idea to illustrate silat, Malay traditional martial art. This is her second mural in this town, and the previous one depicted an old fisherman mending nets. Volchkova herself said that she was interested in all of the different cultures that are present in Malaysia, and that she was inspired by their rich and versatile heritage. This piece definitely draws attention, and it was her intention after all, because she claims to want to turn the district into a popular attraction.

Photo via Julia Volchkova.

Simple G in Athens

Greek Street artist Simple G, mostly working in Athens, made an interesting intro for the new year. His mural of an angel-like figure, entitled Forgiveness, seems a bit suggestive, especially with the familiar, kind of repentant pose of the girl in front of it. The mural seems to be associated with the spiritual, and probably draws out the viewers' emotions. The angel is accompanied by an eerie red skull, hidden beneath a cloth, and the rusty surrounding puts the artwork into a post-apocalyptic setting.

Photo via Simple G.

Astro ODV in Paris

The last mural on this list was kind of expected for the beginning of a new year, but it is always nice to see a positive, cheery message on a wall, especially coming from an artist with a bold style. The mural is made by Astro, whose name was also mentioned in our previous Street Update, and it can be seen in Paris. Astro has his own typography that deploys flowing, curvilinear forms, so this greeting card made out of numbers should be the right kind of subject for him.

Photo via Astro ODV.

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