Street Update #110

January 13, 2016

Most of this week’s popular murals display some forms of body language, almost as if these artists made some kind of a deal. Lots of hand gestures and facial expressions recently appeared on the walls worldwide. Apart from these works, there are some pretty exciting events in the near future that might be of interest to you, if you’re passionate about street art. The Art of Banksy will be exhibited in Istanbul, from January 14th, and it will probably bring together art lovers from all over the world. A collection of Interesni Kazki’s works is currently on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in New York City, and it will be available to the public until February 6th. And if you prefer less figurative style, you might be interested in seeing Mist’s exhibition at Speerstra Gallery.

Unfortunately, not only good news struck the art world these days, as we said goodbye to one of the most legendary artists, David Bowie, whose character remains as an inspiration for so many people around the world. We suppose that many prominent street artists will make tributes to Bowie these days as well.

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Hopare in Marseille

Here is one of the most recent murals in Marseille, in which a mesmerizing combination of pastel colors is overlapped with Hopare ’s genuine style. The famous Franco-Portuguese artist is currently making a little Tour de France of his own, as he was recently working in Marseille and now he is moving to Toulon, hopefully to make some more great pieces. Before that, he made interesting wall art in Bordeaux in December. We surely hope to see more of his works soon!

Image via Hopare.

Zabou in London, UK

Two figures are standing on both sides of a corner in London. Zabou made a large mural, measuring about 7 by 4 meters, displaying two young people with finger guns and scarves. Even though the gesture could seem violent, Zabou’s provocative style deploys symbols that usually point to other issues to think about. For example, the blue sky on their scarves looks like more than just a print, it may actually seem like a metaphor, wrapped around their mouths. Her models are Jean Seberg on the left, and Cykeem White, on the right.

Image via Zabou.

Otto Schade in Vina del Mar, Chile

Otto Schade, also known as OSCH, created a mural showing a big hand made out of brown ribbons. The hand holds two fingers, as a sign of peace, very familiar to all of us. The brown ribbons have a mummy feel to them, but that shouldn’t be confusing because most of his drawings are made that way. His paintings are made by arranging the ribbons into layers that eventually create forms and figures. This Chilean-German artist has quite a rich background, as his work is often connected with both art and architecture. He is a prolific street artist, a sculptor and a photographer as well.

Image via Otto Schade.

Jade in Lima, Peru

Jade may have made this astonishing mural as a good luck charm for the new year, or at least the description on his facebook page says so. There is something absolutely positive and uplifting about this artwork. Maybe it's the bright look in the boy's eyes, maybe it's his youth, or perhaps the little black tweeting bird that he's holding, with vivid colors on its feathers. Whatever it is, it probably makes it one of the most cheerful large murals by this great, self-taught Peruvian street artist.

Image via Jade.

Athena by Don Mateo

And here’s another familiar body posture. Athena stands like a muse, but although her pose probably imitates ancient statues, her dress and tools in her hands belong to our age. This print is a typical example of Don Mateo’s work, as he often interprets existing figures in art in his own, characteristic way. Don Mateo promises to offer something different and new on the streets, trying to transmit positive energy to passersby. He says that the streets provide the best environment for his artistic expression.

Image via Don Mateo.

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