Street Update #121

Street Update

March 30, 2016

Almost not a single week goes by without us hearing a story about Banksy. This time, it is about his stencil Spy Booth, created in Cheltenham, England. The value of this apparent masterpiece was estimated at one million pounds. As you can imagine, the story attracted a lot of attention, but eventually it also became an easy target for local vandals - and now the piece is worth nothing. Well, at least, in terms of money. But is it really that unexpected for a work of Street Art to be painted over?

Everybody seems to be excited about the first Urban Art Fair in Paris, so you'll probably be pleased to hear that we had a great opportunity to talk to Yannick Boesso, the director of the fair. You should read the interview in order to find out some interesting details regarding the fair, and also to find out about all the participating galleries. Another event that we're looking forward to is Art Paris, and we had a great honor to speak to their director as well - Mr. Guillaume Piens. And, now that we're talking about art in Paris, there is a third event going on there, and it opens - today! If you're passionate about drawing, there isn't a better place to fuel that passion than Salon du Dessin in Paris.

Now it's time to look at the 5 most beautiful murals that were made this past week. Scroll down and check them out, and tell us what you think of them on Facebook!

David de la Mano in Uruguay

Spanish artist David de la Mano always makes his murals in a very specific, silhouette-based manner. His monochromatic works usually depict humans, trees or animals, which overlap and generate complex images. The artist's latest mural is now embellishing the walls of Montevideo's Prado neighborhood in Uruguay. The name of this piece is "High Tide". Although the black ink placed on the white wall looks like a set of stamps at first, there are many tiny details in the mural, and they make the work seem far less generic. Each whale differs from another, however they all have human faces.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Artez in Argentina

Being a successful street artist is an amazing thing because your profession takes you to the most beautiful places. Belgrade-based artist Artez recently visited Argentina, and he made an astonishing mural over there. But not just in any place in Argentina - he visited a small place in its country side, which makes the work even more special. The reason he went there, in particular, is related to his friend, another street artist that you've met in some of our Street Updates before - Bosoletti, since Armstrong (where the mural is located) is his hometown. The name of this mural is Mujer de las flores, and it blends graciously into the nature around it.

Image via Artez.

Collin van der Sluijs and Super A in Berlin

This colorful, large-scale mural is 42 meters tall (!), and painting on such big surface is definitely not a one-man job. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the mural was made by two skillful artists - Collin van der Sluijs and Super A.  This project was initiated by Urban Nation, a Berlin-based organization which aims to aggregate talented, world-famous artists, in order to make big murals across Berlin. According to their own statement, the bird depicted in the artwork is a sterling, and it symbolizes migration. The majestic piece is located in Art Park Tegel in Berlin, and it is this year's first mural made for their One Wall series.

Image via Urban Nation.

Mica Still in New Zealand

Mica Still painted a beautiful mural for this year's edition of Sea Walls festival in Napier, New Zealand, as their special guest artist. Mica's wall aims to introduce us to the problems related to ghost nets. In case you're not familiar with the term, it is a term used for lost or discarded fishing gear, which continue to fish, trap animals and potentially kill marine life. Ghost nets are also hazard to navigation. The artist said that she wanted her wall to show the ocean trying to survive the chaos of the nets through the infinity symbol, which expresses how the circle of nature is being disrupted by these ghost nets.

Image via Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans.

GLeo in La Rochelle, France

Generally speaking, there are more men than women in Street Art (which is a fact that is probably going to change in the future). In this Street Update, we have two successful female artists, the first one was Mica, and now we've come to our last mural, which was made by GLeo. The Colombian street artist was featured in our Street Update from 2 weeks ago, and now she came back with an even more amusing wall! Her Solar Family features three family members (obviously), who all wear those animal-like masks that she often likes to depict. It is dedicated to her mother and sister. The mural was made in La Rochelle, France, just like the last one, and you can check out the exact location on the map below.

Images via GLeo.

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