Street Update #122

April 6, 2016

The days are finally getting warmer and longer, as we enter into the month of April. That means that people are going to be spending more time outside, and some of them will probably be making more street art! We said goodbye to March, and we did it in a classy way, reflecting on the highlights of it. We took the time to remind you of the top 10 artists of the month, and of the wall art pieces that you liked most, according to Instagram. There is also a list of Widewalls' articles which made the past month so interesting and exciting, and we presented it as a quick reminder, and a messenger of spring - there's finally no doubt that the most beautiful season is here. So, it's time to get out people! For those of you who prefer skateboarding to walking when outside, here's an article about some amazing board designs and customized skateboards by Supreme, and in case you can't decide which one you like best, we've made a list, and we hope that you'll enjoy it.

Now, since you're all probably waiting impatiently to see those five new murals, feel free to scroll down and take a look at the refreshing artworks made in the streets during the past week. After you finish surveying the list, check out our Facebook page, and do let us know what you think of our selection.

Etam Cru in Dubai

The famous Polish art duo was invited by the Dubai Walls initiative to paint one of Dubai's large walls. The enthusiastic people from Dubai Walls represent artists from 5 different continents, and aim to bring Street Art to the Middle East. This time, their choice fell on Etam Cru, and as you can see Sainer and Bezt (the members of the duo) gave their very best to make this piece perfect. The photos are breathtaking to begin with, and we can only imagine how incredible the piece looks in person, having its size in mind, which is obviously equal to the height of five stories of a building.

Images via Etam Cru.

Bifido in London

Italian street artist Bifido left his mark in the London Borough of Newham, at the Forest Gate train station.  The mural is an interesting paste-up project which spans across the surrounding brick walls, and it consists of 2 parts. Each of the two pieces is composed of various characters, depicted in a playful, vibrant manner. "Meanwhile" is the name of the mural, and it obviously addresses waiting, as such. Given the fact that its location is a train station, the context seems logical. Bifido made waiting for a train far more interesting than it was before, and now the commuters of London will have an opportunity to enjoy witnessing a piece of Bifido's imagination.

Images via Bifido.

Artez in Armstrong, Argentina

Artez usually gives his murals positive, suggestive titles, and he did it this time as well. After he finished working on the piece that we mentioned in the previous edition of Street Update, he did another one, in the same town in Argentina. The image is site-specific, and it makes the treetop look like an abstract version of a woman's head, conversing with the environment magically. The mural is titled "Reading Makes You Grow", and it depicts a woman in a polka-dot blouse, reading in peace. The mural was created as a part of Campo en Blanco project.

Image via Artez.

Brusk in Saint-Etienne, France

Brusk is a French street artist, member of  Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) crew, known for his signature drips, which he uses both as a technique and a form of a signature. His latest mural was created in Saint Etienne in France, in collaboration with Le MUR de St Etienne street art initiative. The title of this wall piece is Streetocéros, which actually gives a witty name to the rhino painted on the wall. The artist combined the paste-up technique with spray paint, and he eventually added a number of tags, which made the piece look like someone else has already "vandalized" it.

Image via Le Mur de St Etienne.

Pastel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's an interesting coincidence, having two architects in a single edition of a Street Update, and it is even more funny that they both made their works in Argentina! We're talking about Artez, who is an architect as well as the talented Argentinian artist Francisco Diaz. Better known under the name Pastel, the artist made this large piece on the wrapped-up facade of the Museum of Architecture in Buenos Aires. Since this beautiful mural is made on a huge piece of canvas, which will probably be removed after some time, it would be nice to figure out a way to keep the big canvas preserved somewhere.

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