Street Update #123

April 13, 2016

Many great murals were painted last week in Belgium, and most of them thanks to the new street art festival called The Crystal Ship. You'll have a chance to see some of them in this list, and we guess that the new ones will start popping out very soon, during this next couple days. But let's see what else is new in the world of street art, and in the worlds that touch upon it: There's going to be an interesting Pop Up Show in Paris, organized by Kolly Gallery, entitled Swiss Cheese, and it will present works by ALËXONE, ILK, STEPH COP, THIERRY FURGER and TILT. But wait, there's more - it's going to coincide with the first Urban Art Fair in Paris, which we have already talked about. The two will probably be the hottest events related to street culture, at that time in Europe. However, if you happen to be on the other side of the planet in 10 days, don't worry - there are interesting things to see in Australia as well, at Backwoods Gallery. Their upcoming exhibition is entitled In the Fold, and it will showcase works by the Melbourne-based artist Deams.

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Lunar & Lonac in Dubrovnik, Croatia

These two artists from Croatia have short monikers which sound similar, but mean completely different things - Lunar and Lonac. The street art masters joined forces and made a big, eye-catching mural in Dubrovnik.  The colorful piece features Star Wars imagery, which both artists hold dear, and even the name of the mural is taken from the original movie intro (Once upon a time in a flat not far from yours). Although they come from the same country and both work in the field of street art, this is their first collaborative project ever. Could it be that it was their love for Star Wars that brought them together?

Images via Lonac.

Dzia in Zele, Belgium

Dzia is an emerging street artist from Belgium, and the creator of a copyzine named KRANK. He started painting murals not so long ago, and he is already becoming quite famous for his unique depictions of animals. These animals, regardless of the size or the color, or the surface on which the mural is made, always seem to be made of carefully selected elements which build their bodies. However, their bodies never seem distorted or fragmented. On the contrary, all of the particles come together and generate a consistent picture.

Image via Dzia.

Pixel Pancho in Ostend, Belgium

The outstanding muralist from Italy, known under the alias Pixel Pancho, is just one of the people who contributed to the successful new street art festival in Belgium. The name of this event is The Crystal Ship Festival, and its organizers have invited artists from all parts of the world to create fresh new murals on the streets of Ostend. Thanks to these guys, Belgium is currently on fire! Expect for the Internet to be overflown with images coming from Ostend in the next few days. And accidentally, the aforementioned mural by Dzia happens to be made in Belgium as well. The mural made by Pixel Pancho shows an elderly couple, depicted in the artist's authentic "robotic" aesthetics, but it is also slightly reminiscent of Belgian culture and tradition.

Images via Pixel Pancho.

Agostino Iacurci in Ostend, Belgium

Another mural in Belgium, made on the same occasion as the previous one. The Italian artist Agostino Iacurci was one of the first artists announced to take part in the Crystal Ship festival. His mural is titled Coincidences, and it virtuously plays with symbols and geometry. When looking at the big, colorful vase, we can see a lot of different ornaments and stylized plants, but at some point we even notice an outline of a cow, which somehow just blends in. Using a set of flat shapes, Iacurci creates intricate visual fairy tales.

Images via Agostino Iacurci.

Bordalo II in Fundao, Portugal

And now, something completely different. We're moving a little bit to the south, where Bordalo Segundo (or Bordalo II) has made one of his peculiar "trashy" installations. It is located in a small town of Fundão, in Portugal, and as usual, the installation is made out of the material that the artist has found in its surrounding. When you take a look at the wolf's smiling face, you will get the feeling that he is looking back at you. And when you start analyzing the elements which the installation consists of, you'll be amazed by the things that you'll find!

Images via Bordalo II.

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