Street Update #124

April 20, 2016

It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means - it's time for your Street Update. We've prepared a selection of some beautiful new murals, narrowed down to a list of 5. Before you scroll down to see which ones we've picked, stay with us for just a moment, and let us remind you of the highlights of the past week. If you like Urban Art, but you also like the fine arts, then you'd probably want to know more about the intriguing Polish artist Robert Prosch, so we suggest you read an exclusive interview with the artist. Some of his works are currently on view at Wunderkammern Rome, so if you find yourself in this amazing city, make sure to check them out. Another Europe-based exhibition, a must-see for all street art lovers, will be on view in Paris. Ubiquités exhibition opens today, and it is dedicated to graffiti made by O' CLOCK, the renowned French street artist.

In the meantime, if you have some time to spare, remind yourselves of the most famous public art pieces, made across the globe. Remember - public art does not only mean graffiti!

And now for the top 5 murals, scroll down. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook!

2Alas in Winter Haven, Florida

2Alas is a prolific street art duo, consisting of Andrew Antonaccio & Filio Galvez. The two are known for their black and white linear portraits, in which color appears occasionally, usually taking on abstract forms. Their most recent mural was painted in Winter Haven in Florida, and it is an excellent example of what we have just described. Two faces, one of which appears to be a face of a child, are made out of stripes, and a few splashes of color emerge from the background, gently overlapping with the main motives.

Image via 2Alas.

2Alas and Case MaClaim in Miami

Just a few days before the mural in New Haven was made, the 2Alas duo teamed up with another prominent muralist - Case MaClaim. The inspiration for this piece came from another one - a painting by Caravaggio, made in the 16th century. The name of the original piece is The incredulity of Saint Thomas. The mural was made for Little Haiti Murals, empowered by Wynwood Miami. All of the artists involved have great skills when it comes to realistic representation, so it is no wonder that they were impressed by Caravaggio.

Images via Wynwood Murals and Little Haiti Murals.

Mr. Woodland in Munich, Germany

We started talking about the German artist just recently, and now it looks like we just can't get enough of Mr. Woodland's amazing work. Just a couple of weeks ago, his mural was mentioned in our Instagram Wall Art feature, which reflected retrospectively on the best murals made in the month of March. Now we're talking about his art once again, this time regarding one of his most recent murals made in Munich, Germany, The piece depicts a boy observing what seems to be a magic mushroom, which levitates alongside the palm of his hand.

Image via Mr. Woodland.

Guido van Helten in Oostende, Belgium

Just as expected, The Crystal Ship festival in Oostende is providing us with a number of beautiful new murals each day. Guido van Helten's new piece was made in the city a few days ago, and as usual, it portrays an un-idealized face of an ordinary man, in a stunning, realistic manner. This piece has probably helped the artist's hyperreal representation reach an even higher level, showing the best of his abilities when it comes to depicting all the folds and imperfections, wrinkles of human skin. The man whose face is depicted is a local fisherman, who was strongly connected to the former-silo site, where the mural is made.

Image via Guido van Helten.

SETH Globepainter in Fengjing, Shanghai

I'm not saying that we were saving the best for last, but according to your likes on our Facebook page, this one was definitely the most engaging. Julien Seth Malland, the French artist who goes by the name Globepainter is on a mission to paint the world (as his nickname instructively suggests). Is there anything we can say about this piece that you're not already impressed with? Everything about it is just splendid, the technique is on point, the subject is lovely, a bit surreal and a bit thought-provoking. And finally, it corresponds to the environment in such a witful manner. Way to go Mr. Globepainter!

Image via Seth Globepainter.

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